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How To Succeed with Events With Steve Bernhardt - East Side Business Networking Lunch and Training

  • 03/12/2019
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Egg Works, 2490 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV, 89120

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JOIN US at Egg Works · Eastern & Sunset Blvd · Las Vegas for this FREE Health Wellness & Fitness related Business Networking and training event.

No charge for Guests as they learn & explore the benefits of becoming a Chamber Member. We encourage you to purchase food & drinks in support of Egg Works for offering this amazing space for us to network. Even something very small is appreciated.

This Event is led by Stan Shields, President/COO, Small Business Growth Advisor, and is hosted by the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce.

Bring business cards, a 30 second ‘commercial’ to introduce your business, and get in on the ground floor of this bi-weekly meeting. Listen in and meet with top dynamic leaders and speakers in health, fitness, wellness, nutrition, healing, and business networking . Please SHARE on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram walls & invite your Health Minded friends so they don’t miss out! Use the hashtag #LVhealthChamber

Each week we will provide training in some area of business or mindset designed to help your business grow and prosper.

Our guest speaker and trainer this week is Steve Bernhardt. Steve Bernhardt is the Event Director for Largest Mixer Events.  The Largest Mixer produces four annual large-scale business networking events that cater to small and medium sized businesses who are looking to grow their businesses through event marketing. (

 After a successful but unsatisfying career in corporate America (Hormel, KB Homes, Clear Channel) Steve began his entrepreneurial journey 14 years ago after opening a specialty running store in Northeast Wisconsin.  After several years in operation the store garnered enough success to draw the interest of a national chain to buy him out. 

During this time Steve also launched an eCommerce website before it was fashionable, and a lot more difficult to do than it is today.  The website generated significant revenues and built a global customer base.  Selling that business in 2016 Steve and his wife of now 30 years, Gina, embarked on a new journey as owners of the B2B event company, Largest Mixer. 

Steve is originally from Redondo Beach, California but went to high school in Denver and college in Utah and Colorado.  Prior to moving to Las Vegas Steve and his family lived in Austin, Texas where his son, Max, graduated from the University of Texas this past Spring.  A dedicated life style runner for the last 19 years, Steve is a two-time finisher of the famed Western States 100 endurance race.

In addition, each week we will allow time for a member presentation, and other business building activities.

If you are a #LVhealthChamber member, a prospective member or simply a business person that has an interest in or doing business in the health and wellness industries, you need to mark this on your calendar and plan to attend. We look forward to seeing you there.

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