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Hi, my name is Michael V Morrow Freelance Copywriter.

Have you been wondering how you can optimize your Health & Fitness business's marketing? Or, how do I increase my revenue? I know. You don't even say it in these words. "How do I get more buyers," right? What you say, whether in print or online, matters. When I first got into business, I thought I was ready to go. My skills are listed and up for grabs. Wrong...

I had to know how to market.

I see your efforts just like mine. You have to connect. "Who is it I'm talking to? Will they want what I have to offer?" This crosses your mind even when you think you know. Knowing how to talk to your prospect, the buyer you want to capture, is my job. I'll not only write the marketing copy, I'll help you know your customer like he's right there shaking your hand.

You have to know you're best prospective customers. The ones who are most attracted to your offer and will continue buying from you. Not a broad audience who will waste your time (and money). You have to target that one person who says, "You've got me." And you will get more of them.

Do you want to gain your target prospect's trust? You could:

>Plan and Create your own marketing strategy

>Research what makes your target prospect tick

>Write your Web Page and Email Content the way that attracts your target prospect and keeps them as a customer

> And Manage it with updates and new campaigns

Is that what you want?

If you need help - Contact me now.
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