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How to benefit from the Success Toolkit aimed at helping you reach $10k+/month business earnings:

  1. Sample one or more of our complete training modules here free.
  2. Apply what you learn to grow your health services business.
  3. Join the Chamber for access to all the business growth training modules.

View the complete list of training modules. 2 new powerful trainings added per month for members.

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Complete Training Module Samples

How to Be Found on the Internet -
A Primer for Health and Fitness Businesses

In the Member Home page, we have provided the download of the slide deck for future reference, and a Worksheet download where you can develop your own Unified Content Marketing Strategy for your business.

To enjoy both you can either Log In or Learn More about Membership.

The Art and Science of Communications - 
How to Share Your Knowledge so People Take Action

In the Member Home page, we have provided the download of the slide deck for increased learning, and a set of Google forms you can complete to identify your Ideal Client, their motivations, and the products and services you provide to meet their needs.  A great way to sharpen your message and increase your business.

To enjoy both you can either Log In or Learn More about Membership.

Connecting with Your Purpose as a Health & Fitness Business - 
Tapping into Inspiration and Influence

Chamber Training Master Plan

2 brand new trainings/month are aimed at helping our Chamber members reach $10k/month earnings and beyond with their health services business. Each training comes with a training video, slide deck and work sheet.

Book 1:
Creating a Solid Infrastructure

Connecting with Your Purpose (5/7/2020)

Designing Your Keyword Optimized Business Brand (6/4/20)

Balancing Your Life for Sustainability

Crafting a Magnetic Message (7/2/2020)

Establishing Your Business Structure

Setting Key Business Administration Elements in Place

Installing Insurance and Legal Representation

Creating Financing Systems That Serve You

Attracting and Hiring the Help You Need

Strategizing for Thematically Unified Content Marketing (4/2/2020)

Designing Key Marketing Collateral

Launching Your Business Hub Website (7/16/2020)

Integrating Key Social Media Platforms

Activating Your Contact List

Book 2:
Building on Your Foundation

Intro to The Art and Science of Communications (4/17/2020)

Expanding Website Visibility

Sharpening Your Writing Skills

Writing Effective Emails (5/21/20)

Creating Effective Blog Articles

Creating Compelling Webinar Presentations (6/18/20)

Growing Your Speaking Skills

Adding Business Networking to Your Toolkit

Strengthening Your Business Reputation

Making Joint Venturing a Key Growth Generator

Practicing Effective Public Relations

Unifying and Empowering Your Marketing Administration

Creating a Monthly Marketing Calendar

Inspiring and Equipping Your Team

Book 3:
Managing Your Growing Success

Strengthening Your Support System

Calling Upon Coaches and Mentors

Identifying and Troubleshooting Growth-Limiting Influences

Managing Success Gracefully

Mastering the Art of Continual Improvement

Inspiring and Motivating Yourself for Marathon Sustainability

Book 4:
Expanding Beyond a Local Business

Installing and Documenting Simple Repeatable Process Templates

Replicating Yourself by Training and Certifying Others

Deciding Whether to Franchise Your Business

Discovering Alternate Models to Franchising

Book 5:
Creating a Legacy and Exit Strategy

Valuing Your Business (How much is it worth?)

Preparing Your Business for Sale

Selling Your Business

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