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  • 09/14/2018 8:27 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    An Audience of One and Not the World

    I was watching a protégé of mine in Toastmasters.  His dream is to be a motivational speaker.

    He was giving a speech about how no matter your difficulties in life (and he had big ones) you can survive and succeed.  The subject was interesting and well organized.  His personal story of surviving abuse was moving.  The problem was delivery.

    He spoke convincingly but didn’t focus on his audience.  His eyes went over their head, down to the floor, up to the ceiling, shifting side to side without moving his head.  I knew part of it was his thinking.  But he didn’t make eye contact with each member watching him.

    I asked him after the speech, “Who were you talking to?”  The question startled him.  “Everybody.”

    I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of websites that do the same thing.  Is your website speaking to “Everybody.”  Many companies get stuck on talking about themselves – their accomplishments, their quality, their unique product or service. They don’t focus on their audience because they’re speaking to “Everybody.”

    First Question: Who’s Your Buyer?

    You may have a product or service that has a broad market.  They more than likely don’t all think the same.  But they have one thing in common, a desire that needs to be met.  You need to put together that one commonality and focus it on one persona.

    You need to sound like you’re talking to one person.  Why?  It’s personal.

    Put yourself in their shoes.  If someone had something to tell that was personal to you, would you want him speaking to “everybody?”  Puts you off, doesn’t it?

    2ndQuestion: How Well Do You Know the Guy?

    Do you talk to your close friends or family in general?  No!  Would you talk that way to someone who needs help?  I hope not.  You’re trying to inform them.  You care about them. You want them to have the right result.  Get to know your prospect.  Figure out that one ideal customer you’re trying to get across to.

    The one person with the biggest problem you want to solve.  He will buy from you, more than once.  Figuring out who he is three dimensionally and what he is suffering from or badly wants is key.  Otherwise, you’ll be pitching to a lot of people who just don’t care. That’s a waste of money.

    What Do You Want Them To Do?

    Here is why most company websites are stuck on who they are.  They don’t know how to ask.  They don’t know who they’re talking to or what that person wants. They have an idea but that’s all. Which is why they talk to “Everybody.”

    I am a Distinguished Toastmaster, President’s Distinguished Division and Area Director.  I got there by knowing how to work with people as a team and individually in leadership.  I got there by knowing how to speak to an audience.  Yes, I can project (I used to act). What I found most important in my training was interpersonal speaking both on and off stage.

    I got more from talking with them (him) than at them (him).  One persona focus works.

    Does your website talk to “Everybody?”  It’s time for an update.

  • 09/04/2018 6:57 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)
    The Picture of Unhealth

    Sometimes, it is difficult to conceive just what health is, so looking at the opposite may be helpful. Following is a story to illustrate the difference. 

    I went to the post office recently to pick up the mail I had placed on hold during my trip to Paris. The representative at the window was a middle-aged man of large stature. He had a cane and inhaler, and his breathing was labored. He stood on the cane because he said his back hurt when he sat.

    When I told him what I needed and presented the printed confirmation of the hold, he was taken aback. After a stint of silence and staring at the paper he said, “Your carrier will probably deliver it to you today.”

    “I specifically requested to pick it up,” I replied.

    “Are you doing mail pick up today?” he shouted to another rep who was a few windows down and with another customer.

    “No, working the counter today,” the man replied.

    “Guess I better go get it,” said my rep.

    After a few exasperated and deep breaths with the inhaler, he grabbed his cane and ambled off. He returned many minutes later, empty-handed, saying he couldn’t find my mail and suggested that I come back the next day.

    “I can’t,” I said. “I work eleven-hour days for the next three days. I place my mail on hold several times per year and always pick it up.”

    “Okay,” he replied. “Guess I can check another area.”

    He lumbered off in a different direction and finally returned with my mail, expressing his displeasure with the carrier for having put the mail in another location. I thanked him and left.

    Throughout the encounter with this rep, I vacillated between leaving without my mail, waiting for another rep to make his day easier, or holding him to his job description. I empathized with the difficulty he must have experienced not being able to breathe, walk, or sit normally or comfortably.

    Then my rationale and knowledge about health matters kicked in and I recognized that because he was at work, he and his supervisor must have believed that he was fit enough to perform his job duties. I also wondered what he could have done to be in better health, long before this day. I wish people would be more proactive with their health so they can experience life with minimal pain, discomfort, and medication.

    That is wellth!


    The Picture on UnHealth is an excerpt from Glen's book, Living In Total Health. Please visit for more information about Glen and Living In Total Health.

  • 08/30/2018 6:38 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    Your Online Headquarters Needs to Speak to Your Ideal Customer

    I know, you explain in detail about your company and what it can do on your home page.  That’s not enough.  Somebody came to your site looking for how you could help.  She left after a few moments because she could find nothing that related to her.

    A web designer makes your website into eye candy.  Without the words to convey what your reader needs and how you can help, it’s just another pretty online stop.  You need effective Web Copy.

    You can’t afford an image overloaded website that says nothing.  Many company websites talk to a broad audience.  Why?  Because they don’t know their ideal prospect or want everyone (including those who will never be interested) to buy.  If you are practicing this, you’re wasting too much money.

    This is why you need good content on ALL your web pages:

    1. Grabbing attention to your company and product/service

    2. Hooking her to reading more of what you’re about and promising

    3. Providing Proof and Credibility to your product/service claims

    4. Reversing risk to get them off the fence

    5. Closing the Sale or Getting them into the Cart

    I hope these reasons are important to you.  All of them increase your odds of grabbing a new customer.  Here’s how...

    Read Me - Now

    Attracting your ideal reader/future customer is key.  Not everyone is going to need your product.  Yet, why are so many companies talking to all these people and wasting ad dollars?  Because they don’t know what they’re doing.

    The images alone aren’t enough.  You have to make your headline speak to her directly.  That’s what gets her to stop and take a look at what you have to offer.

    Know Thy Customer

    You need to speak to that one person, like you’re right there in an intimate conversation with her.  Have everything about her at hand.  Be ready for what to say and how to say it.  This will give her the notion that you actually care.

    Relate to her on her biggest problem.  Empathy is powerful.  You know what she is going through or you wouldn’t be providing the product/service.  Starting out with a story is even more effective.  You can use a powerful event that gets sympathy or a weird situation that disarms with humor.  The purpose is to make that connection.

    For Real?  Prove It

    Winning her over with facts, figures and prior results help cement trust.  But it still has to be presented correctly.  Does it apply to your ideal customer?  Does it cover any doubts?  You have to answer the most glaring objections.  Research data has to be presented in plain language.  Testimonials from prior customers have to be similar to your reader’s voice.

    You need to gain her belief in your product/service.

    Nah, Don’t Waste My Money

    Many companies don’t offer a guarantee or it’s week if they do.  They are afraid of freebie seekers will take advantage of them.  Let me be blunt.  You’re not going to rid the world of freebie seekers.  Those who take advantage of your guarantee, you’re able to eliminate and not deal with again.

    You want remove your best buyers fear – so she gets to know you.  And keep buying.

    Have I Got A Deal For You

    The most important content next to your Headline on your Home Page is your OFFER on your Sales Page.  Some will not read all of your content and are ready to check out what you’re offering.  You have to repeat all of the above content in a short summary.  Then your offer covers the deal you are making to get her to either give an email address or buy.

    The offer must be even more convincing.  You want her to act.  Right?  Great web copy will get her to do just that.

    I suggest you don’t put in the following information:

    • Hard Selling – Salesy content can chase your reader away as your being obvious
    • Poor quality videos that slow down your page and start before the viewer is ready
    • Unrelated material (even affiliates outside your market) that confuses your reader

    Your content needs to be on topic, without distractions, and speak directly to your one ideal new customer.

  • 08/27/2018 9:18 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)


        The present moment, now, is the only opportunity we have to connect with reality, make the most appropriate decisions, and step toward health. When unPresent, our minds, bodies, and hearts are out of sync with any higher good.
       Instead, such mindlessness indicates a lack of self control that can prove problematic and indeed harmful to self and others. One example is I burned my forearm recently on my George Foreman grill. I opened the lid to check my chicken breasts and saw that they were done. Then I reached to unplug it while looking the other direction to grab a plate. OUCH! My arm hit the edge of the grill.
       Had I been present and mindful by watching my hand move toward the plug, I would’ve seen how close I was to the grill and adjusted. However, the pain and skin damage are useful reminders to pay attention to the most mundane and habitual tasks.
       Another example of being unPresent can have far worse consequences, including death. Distracted driving has increased exponentially in recent years with busy-ness and the cell phone—apps...texts...calls...videos...messaging…get my drift?        
       More and more motor vehicle accidents are caused by distracted drivers who attend to their gizmos and food, and not the road. I was recently hit by a distracted driver which resulted in serious injury. Being unPresent not only leads to unhealthy and harmful choices because they are based on the past or the future and only create more of the same, it can kill.
       The CDC reports that daily over 8 people are killed and 1,161 injured in crashes involving a distracted driver. Distractions are taking your eyes off the road, taking your hands off the wheel, and taking your mind off of driving. The CDC also estimates that driver error [distraction] causes 94% of car accidents.  

    With modern technology distractions have increased from crying babies, spilt coffee to texting, phone calls, Facebook, Instagram, selfies and videos while driving.  The important thing to remember while driving is look at the ‘big picture’.  We have become a fast pace society where offensive drivers who try to get from point A to B as fast as they can along with the many modern day distractions have become a danger on the roads.  It’s important to be a defensive driver looking at the actions of others, where they are and what they are doing, ‘the big picture’ to ensure that you and your loved ones get to your desired destination safely.”

    David Hale, Insurance Agent

        As a society, it is essential we break the bad habit of being unPresent and hurting others. Recommendations of the National Safety Council include turning the phone off in the car, speaking up when someone you’re riding with uses their phone, and pull over and park if a call is absolutely necessary. I suggest ride share if you drink or need to use technology during travel.
       We can do better to put an end to preventable injury and deaths. While driving, eliminate distractions and be present!

    Learn more about how Presence is connected to Total Health in Living In Total Health. Available on Amazon and Feel free to message me re: speaking and coaching.

  • 08/19/2018 6:50 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    “People in pain hurt other people.” Susan L. Taylor’s words resonated with me when I watched her voice them years ago. It is true. Those who are suffering and unable or unwilling to cope hurt others. Many abusers were themselves abused. People who carry anger lash out. Those who are fearful can be controlling. So yes, it is wise to identify who they are and distance yourself. Susan also nailed it when she said, “Not everyone deserves a front row seat in your life.” You see, you can love and have compassion for someone at arm’s length. They do not need to be in your home or in your head for you to respect their humanity. The energy of your intention for them spans time and space and transcends the ego. So there is no need to put yourself in harm’s way to prove you care about someone.

    Even in pain, healthy people do not seek to harm. Imagine Mother Teresa flying a plane into a World Trade Center tower. Can you see Mahatma Gandhi opening fire on concert-goers from a Vegas strip hotel? How about Martin Luther King, Jr. as a serial killer? You can’t connect these individuals to such horrors, can you? I submit to you that while Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and MLK had their human flaws, they had enough balance in their lives to spread hope rather than usurp it like the actual perpetrators of human depravity have.

    Balance is the key. You know that. This knowing is not new. Yet this eternal truth needs to be reiterated with regularity in our world that is currently experiencing frequent waves of hatred, division, and mass terror. Balance is the key. Balance.

    Living In Total Health is about integrating all aspects of you, a whole being, to achieve the highest level of health and to achieve the strongest base of balance possible. It is not about being perfectly healthy nor is it about weight or body shape. Being human entails fluctuations in health, happiness, harmony, strength, relationships, focus, etc. It is the integration of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, however, that creates equanimity and provides us the strength to weather and persevere through the storms of life, and endure with a functional level of equilibrium.

    Stuff happens. Life throws curve balls. So tap in to your True self, your whole self, to utilize your innate ability to balance pain with joy, darkness with the light, the good with the bad. Then you will intuitively discern who to give your precious time and attention to and who to love from afar.

    The total wellness guide, Living In Total Health, is your ticket to get off the popular myopic rollercoasters which propose that health is only about diet and exercise. True health is about the whole person and the balance between the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual aspects of self. Pursue total health and you will gain peace and calm that leads to better self-awareness, self-confidence, relationships, fitness, connection, and balance. You will reconnect with your true self and reach a higher level of existence that no one can touch.

    You are unique. As Les Brown says “There is greatness within you.” And all of you matters. So now is the time for you to step into your wholeness to reach your highest level of health because we need you to join the forces of healthy people who don’t inflict pain. Healthy people spread love. We need more Mother Teresas.

    We need more health.

    Glen Alex, Author, Speaker, Health & Wellness Coach

  • 08/18/2018 7:26 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    Grab Them Now With What You Need to Say Or They’re Gone

    Have you ever wondered, is there a way to get more people to notice my business.  Maybe you believe you get plenty of business.  That’s called being comfortable.  There are a lot of people in dead end jobs who are comfortable.

    Improving and progressing takes a personal challenge.  You’ve got to take that first step.  Are you ready?

    Who is Reading?

    A profile can be read by anybody.  You want that person who is super interested while also wanting to buy and buy and buy.  You want his immediate attention and hold it until he is ready to act.

    Your fellow businesses owners may know this person and refer him to your profile.

    Here are the following steps that will ensure attraction:

    1. Tell the reader who you are (your business) in terms of what he is looking for to solve his biggest problem.

    2. Talk to him as someone who understands his key problem.

    3. Make the promise (careful here) that you can help to solve his problem.

    4. Describe your key features – not too many – in how they can work for him.

    5. Explain the main benefit and supporting benefits in a dimensional way he can experience in his mind.

    6. Give all of your contact information so they can reach you.

    7. Close with a short reminder of what you can do for them.

    You Do What?

    When identifying your business, think about that one person you want to relate to in your introduction.  Your company is the solution to his biggest problem.  Let him know that’s your purpose.

    Relate to him on his key problem.  Maybe you haven’t had his problem but that’s your specialty.  You still have an understanding of what he is going through.  Use empathy to connect.

    Making a promise is tricky in Health & Fitness as people are different.  What works for one – may not with another.  It’s best to promise what you will do to help solve his problem and not specific results.  Not promising anything, gives him nothing.

    I Get What?

    You need to detail your features but not too many.  You want a short list (maybe 2 to 5) of the features that are important in the process of solving the key problem.  A long list may overwhelm the reader and challenge your credibility.  Let him know how the features specifically work.

    Show the main benefit to the key problem in a real life situation.  Don’t explain it in professional terms.  This goes for your added benefits also.  Examples: You may breathe so easy you can smell your garden again.  You’ll want to walk a mile down a dirt road.  Let him envision the possible benefit.

    Where Do I Go Now?

    Don’t forget your contact information: phone, website, etc.

    Remind him one more time in a brief summary what you can do for them.  He will probably read that first when scanning the page.  Don’t leave it out.


    I suggest you don’t put in the following information:

    • The history of your company – this isn’t a press release
    • Testimonials or endorsements – these will be on your website
    • Hard Selling – this can chase your reader away as your being obvious
    • Overtly bragging about your business, product/service or yourself
    • Unnecessary statistics or added facts that bloat your profile – get to the point

    The added information above will overload your profile and make it less readable.

    You can finish with a Thank You for him taking the time to read your profile.  Good luck.  Thank you for reading my blog.

  • 08/10/2018 4:13 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    More Than Just Being A Member

    My Grandfather owned a Shoe Store in Modesto, California.  He was a member of the Chamber of Commerce.  Yet, he was more than that.  My Grandfather was on the Downtown Merchants with the father of George Lucas (Star Wars).  He was involved in Kiwanis and Lions Club.

    Growing up I went to pancake breakfasts, local parades and other community events.  People would stop my grandfather on the street to talk to him.  I wish I had told my grandfather while he was still alive, I was proud of him.  Instead I was in awe.

    My Grandfather took part in helping the community – but he also networked.  Local politicians visited him at his store.  Why?  Because he was a respected and influential voice in the business community.

    Have you ever wanted that?

    A Part of the Community

    You get more as a Chamber Member than just being listed and recognized.  You communicate with fellow business members to help your business and the community.  You keep abreast of news that can affect your business.  You help your community when it needs you most, including fellow businesses.  That’s what gets you credibility and respect.

    Besides, it feels good when someone you first meet already knows your name.

    What does this do for your bottom line?  The community is your bottom line.  Future customers are waiting for you at Chamber events.  Don’t believe me?  Try attending one and say hello to an attendee.  You may see me there.

    An Advocate

    The Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce goes to bat for you in City, County and State Government.  Fellow members can be affected by taxes and regulations just like you.  You have more clout with your fellow Chamber members.

    You remember that old saying, “You can’t fight City Hall.”  Not alone.


    You as a member have a number of benefits that can advance your business:

    • **Access to members only discounts**
    • Networking opportunities from businesses who can help your business or non-profit
    • Networking opportunities from non-profits who can help your business
    • Receive Chamber Newsletters to keep you up to date
    • Promotion and Publicity that gets seen not only by customers but other businesses
    • Acquiring customer referrals

    In all, The Chamber increases your businesses visibility in the community.  That’s advertising you can afford.

    Health & Fitness for the Community

    What is it we need most in Las Vegas?  Our visitors will say, “Fun!”  But many of us suffer from desert allergies.  Our seniors have difficulties, especially if they have a pre-existing medical condition.  Others just want an attractive appearance or to feel better.  The biggest problem is to stay healthy or overcome disease.

    I overcame cancer.  That’s why Health & Fitness is a passion of mine.

    Your Health & Fitness based businesses are important to our community.  Without you, we lose options...and hope.  Help make our Las Vegas a healthier place to live.

    Your Legacy in the Chamber

    Before my Grandfather retired and closed the doors to his business, customers all over town came to his store.  They weren’t there to say good-bye.  They begged him not to leave them.  Both my Grandfather and my Grandmother were all choked up.

    Can you tell me you don’t want that?

    Join the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  Make a difference for your business and the community.

  • 08/10/2018 10:34 AM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    How You Make a Difference In Someone’s Life Can Surprise You

    Embarrassing.  I was 10 years old when a girl I liked pointed it out to me.  I was turning my S around when writing.  That wasn’t the only letter I got confused about. My b became d or visa versa.  I wasn’t sure about q and g.

    It wasn’t just how I was writing them but how I was reading them.

    I would take longer reading than other kids.  I couldn’t finish my tests.  I told one teacher I didn’t have enough time.  He told me, “You just didn’t study.”  It got to where I felt hopeless.  What now?

    I tried other avenues.  Metal shop was a failure.  Sports wasn’t any better – skinny, light as a feather, and slow as my reading.

    The Diagnosis That Saved Me

    I fell into a depression.  I thought I would be living with my mother for the rest of my life.  Until, she took me to a psychologist.  He had me do tests and talked with me.  My eyes and my brain were turning certain letters around.

    I had dyslexia.

    My mother refused to let them put me in Special Ed.  Instead, I adjusted how I operated with my condition.  I went from being a C and D student to an A and B student, finishing with straight A’s.

    I got my High School Diploma and later was on the Dean’s list in college.

    My Impact

    Years later, my mother asked me to talk to her friend’s grandson.  He was having the same problems in grade school.  He felt no one understood him.

    I sat down with him at a Subway restaurant.  He listened to my story as we had sandwiches, chips and a drink.  I didn’t know if what I was saying was helping him any.  His look was more of amazement than discovery.

    What I didn’t realize at that time?  My impact would be a legacy.  His life like mine would be changed forever.  Shortly after, he went from being a D and F student to a straight A student.

    I was amazed that a short conversation could change someone’s life that fast.

    My Legacy

    You help people to adapt or do better – you change their life.  Forever.  That’s a legacy.  One you may not realize you had.  One that you’ll hear about in passing.  One that you’ll see and say, “Did I really make that much of a difference.”

    Look at other’s around you:

    • My Grandfather as a business owner helped his community in many ways
    • My Mother as a Juvenile Police Detective rescued kids
    • I – after remembering this story – realized I had a legacy

    Do you have a legacy?

    Measuring Success

    Your personal and business success is usually measured by profit.  The bottom line is focused on more than the difference you make – even to one person.  The relationship with your customer or business associate seems trivial...

    But you don’t realize how much impact you have.

    Remember the Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” and what it meant?  You and your business would be missed if both never came into being.  You have an impact.

    The Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce was created to make an impact.  People in our community are affected whether you see it or not.  Better health and fitness for even one person is a victory.

    Would you like to make more of a difference?

    Join the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce

    It’s time we made an even bigger impact and an even greater legacy.

  • 08/10/2018 10:01 AM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    A Policeman’s Spontaneous Solution Overcomes the Impossible

    I heard this story years ago.  A small town in the 1960’s had a vagrant problem.  Not homeless, vagrant.  These were men who were drunk, filthy, harassing citizens on the street, and sleeping where they wanted.

    Some of these guys stole out of the local stores.  Nobody did anything about it.  No one wanted to touch them (eeew).  Yep, they were matted and ripe.

    The town wanted ACTION.  Who did this fall upon?   The local police who didn’t want anything to do with kicking out “Bums.”

    Tactics Don’t Work

    They first started at a campsite near the creek on the edge of town.  The cops kicked down tents and tossed blankets in the water.  Didn’t work.  It was summer.  Chasing them off was useless too.  They would just come back.  It was hopeless.

    One night a rookie officer was driving a squad car up to the railroad tracks.  His training officer barked, “Stop.”  They got out of the car and walked up to the tracks.  There was a bum stretched across the rails, unconscious, smelling of booze.

    Neither officer wanted to touch him.  Out of the corner of the senior officer’s eye, he saw another bum watching them.

    An Idea Makes the Difference

    “I told you not so hard.”  The rookie picked up on this, “I couldn’t help myself okay.”  “Do you realize what kind of trouble we...”

    The senior officer now looks plainly over at the other bum.  “We’ve got a witness.”

    Both officers walk over to the bum, who is shivering in fear.  “What did you see,” said the senior officer.  The bum shakes his head.  The rookie officer chimes in, “I say we get rid of him.”  Now the bum’s knees are knocking.

    The senior officer pushes the rookie back, “Don’t get carried away.”  The rookie officer pushes back a little, “We can’t afford to let him live.”  The bum was now frozen.  The cops walked a short distance away as if to discuss the matter.

    When the cops turned back, all they saw were feet kicking up dust.

    The word got around town that the police were killing bums.  The problem vacated in a matter of days.  Not one vagrant was harmed.

    A City of Ideas

    A single thought, an idea, can change a lot.   As crude an example as this is, it worked.  You need an idea to optimize your business.  We need an idea to help in innovating our community’s quality of life.  One person can’t do it alone.

    The one officer came up with an idea.  The other helped in making it happen.

    We need an involved community of businesses and professionals helping each other.  Working together, our city can come up with better ideas.  We can improve ourselves, our clients, and our city.  You can help make it happen.

    Join the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce.

  • 08/10/2018 8:39 AM | Stan Shields (Administrator)
    Las Vegas, Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce, Return on Investment, ROI, Wellness

    Throughout my career I have been a member of several Chambers of Commerce. I can remember asking myself at times if it was really worth it. I would go to all the meetings, networking events and even became an ambassador. Connector is what they called it. I made a lot of friends. Many people that I am still friends with today, over 17 years later. 

    In an effort to find more value and get more involved. I joined a committee. I don't really remember the name of the committee, but it had something to do with the local schools and kids. That committee made sense to me since I was owner/operator of a martial arts school that had a student base that was two thirds kids under 12 years old. 

    After spending several months on this committee and participating in the discussions and activities I developed several relationships. But, the one that stood out was with Stan Scheer, the Superintendent of Littleton Public Schools. It's funny, because for a long time on that committee I didn't know what his role was with the school system. 

    I don't really remember what sparked the conversation, but Stan and I started talking about the kids and my leadership program and other activities at my school. He then invited me to visit him in his office. Of course I went! While there, he introduced me to Shirley Trees, the Director of Elementary Education for Littleton Public Schools. 

    Shirley and I spent some time talking over a few weeks and she arranged for me to present to the Directors of the Before and After care programs of the elementary schools. I guess they may have voted or something, but they notified me that I could present my Stranger Danger, ABC's of Success, and Bully Prevention programs in their schools. Which we started to do immediately. Over the summer we presented to all the schools that were within a five mile radius of my martial arts business. Some of them had us do all three programs I offered. 

    The value of a student for me was around $2500 per year. My chamber membership was $600 per year. I really only needed one new student from that one activity to be a success. We had more than 10 times that per year. We ran that process for several years. I would say that Chamber membership was really worth it! 

    Sometimes we have to dig deeper to calculate the true ROI that we are receiving. We have to go beyond those initial meetings, and we have to drive several layers deep into the relationships that have been established that could have led to more business that we didn't count. Maybe we overlooked it. 

    The power of a Chamber relationship is the community that we create. To gain benefit from a community, we have to give to a community.  Get involved with the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce and ask what you can give, before what you can get!

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