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  • 12/02/2018 12:36 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    I love crime dramas. The Closer, Criminal Minds, How To Get Away With Murder, The Purge, and every Law and Order Series. These shows delve into the human psyche, which I am passionate about, and demonstrate the depths of depravity unique to our species in an entertaining way. Macabre, I know.

    Yet the acts performed on my favorite shows are not real. Those stories are made up and easy to walk away from. Besides being entertaining, crime dramas serve the purpose of allowing viewers to tap into their dark side and sublimate the accompanying impulses.

    And while I dig exploration of the mind because I’ve always gravitated toward psychological underpinnings, I shudder at the reality of the harm we humans are capable of inflicting on each other. I am haunted by the brutality of rape, child abuse, domestic violence, killing of innocents, discrimination, and isms. They evoke pain. There is no entertainment value in such actions.

    I cannot shake off beatings of anyone because of their race, gender, age, or sexual orientation. A mother killing her children and one lover ending the life of another weigh heavy on my heart. A man forcing himself on a woman with fists and genitalia provokes an emotional stew made of sadness and fear topped with rage.

    I am equally impacted by the suffering of those victimized. Their traumatic experiences and untimely deaths seem so unnecessary to me. And painful, emotionally and spiritually. Please know that I am not naïve. I do understand the duality of human existence—good-bad, light-dark, right-wrong, black-white. However, my very human response to human-on-human violence is sadness because I empathize with those victimized. I have the ability put myself into another person’s shoes and experience what they experience…why I can’t stomach the true crime stories. Empathy…“It’s a blessing and a curse.” Adrian Monk

    I am also disappointed and outraged that we have not done better. History, technology, heightened awareness are underutilized in improving our individual and collective experiences. What is the hold up?

    We have been here before. Many times in human existence factions and fundamentalists and fascists and narcissists imposed their will on others violently. The internet, Youtube, and Facebook give us instant access to useful information. And all things spiritual are more mainstream.

    So why haven’t we learned to treat each other better from history? Why haven’t we used technology to right wrongs? Why haven’t we lived the tenets of major religions and wisdom traditions and behave like we are all created equated and of the same Source?

    What on earth is taking so long to end crimes against humanity?

    Glen Alex is author of Living In Total Health and host of The Glen Alex Show. Please visit to learn more.

  • 11/24/2018 11:53 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

         We all know that there's an extra burden during the major holidays. Attending parties, shopping for gifts, spending extra money, social pressure to 'get in the spirit', and getting along with family and friends are among the triggers of stress. Not to mention the toll reduced sleep and overindulgence in food & drink takes.

       There are many sources of advice which recommend avoiding stress to eliminate its effects. That approach does have some good logic. After all, the less stress experienced is less stress experienced. Although avoidance is well-intended, it's not probable. And what some mean by 'avoid' is actually ignoring problems or biting the tongue to keep the peace. 
       Those tactics don't eliminate stress effects and may in fact create more of them.  You see, stress is a normal part of daily life-the alarm, traffic, bills, relations, etc. And the holiday season adds to daily pressures. So pretending stress isn't there drains energy, creates barriers, and dampens the spirit.

       Strain and tension are inherent in the inundation of holiday activities, so let me suggest accepting stress instead of avoiding it. Acceptance doesn't mean resignation-to give up and give in to problems and anxiety. No. It means to understand that stress is coming and take control of self with preparation, strategy, and action.

    As much as I prefer to not wake up early for work, I do because it's necessary to maintain health and home. The sun will rise, the alarm will sound, and I'll get up. Likewise, stress will come even if unwanted.  Mental preparation helps. Establishing a productive mindset eliminates a large portion of the tussle in advance. Physical, mental and emotional exertion are par for the holiday course. Set your mind with that fact because knowing breeds control. Accept and move forward with clarity and confidence.

    Make a plan of action for dealing with the appearance of stress.  Maybe you don't know when it's coming; however, you do know that it will visit during this time. To paraphrase Paul Revere, " stress is coming, stress is coming" .  So shield yourself with a plan to alleviate holiday overwhelm and space the constant tugs on your time and energy. Have a plan. There are a variety of  tactics to employ from different sources.  Below are my priorities.

    1.   GET A MASSAGE 
    You may think, "I don't have time for a massage." The truth is that you do. We all make time for what is important to us.  And in this case, destressing must be a priority to maintain some equilibrium and sanity.  So plan ahead; book a massage right before and right after your busiest period this season. If only 30 minutes, the reprieve will work wonders with your energy and spirit.

    2.   GET ACTIVE
    No, shopping doesn't count.  Though it burns calories, it's not the focused, high intensity, purposeful activity that produces the physical & mental relaxation of working out, tennis, or yoga. The activity must be separate from holiday stressors. So walk, workout, meditate, play your sport as usual and focus on it as much as you can.  Physical activity is " a great way to release anxious energy and pent up feelings (sensations) in the body." Living In Total Health

    3.   RESPOND WELL 
    Cousin Gail judges everything.  Brother Joe gets mean after too many. Uncle Avery usurps control of the turkey. And they're coming to dinner.  Instead of your usual eye roll and anger, develop a different response. Preparation tells you that this is coming. So in understanding that you can't control another person, use your prepared mindset to remain calm in face of the storm. This time, you truly get that they will do what they do so you don't fuel their behaviors with your negative reactions. Rather, you focus on what you can control-you. So as you go about your business in spite of them and without judgement, your stress response is diminished.

    4. ACT
    Ideas are great. Plans are better. Only action reveals purpose and intent. It's not enough to think or say you want something. Doing is what matters. You want  to relax? Do relaxing things. You want to communicate better? Say what you mean and ask for what you want.  You want joy during the holidays.  Take action to minimize stress-prepare, plan, do. As Nike says, "Just do it!"  

    Avoidance of stress is not likely. Pretense can add to strain. Thus rethinking stress can produce calm amid chaos and provide more control over what we experience through the busy-ness and demands of the holidays. Know that stress is part of the season and cope by preparing, strategizing, and acting. Then enjoy!

    Read more about Stress Management in Living In Total Health, available on Amazon and

  • 11/20/2018 6:31 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    A Sick Feeling About Food Before You Eat It

    Wish I could apologize to my younger brother who is now gone.  He had an aversion to certain foods.  There would be a fuss whenever told, “You have to eat it.”  I used it to pick on him mercilessly.  That’s what siblings do.  Did I have an aversion?  Yes, I did.  But my critical focus was on him during our childhood.

    He hated green peas, tomatoes and spinach.  The list goes on but he loved similar foods that were puzzling.  Broccoli was a favorite of his.  It didn’t make sense to me.  I thought he was just contrary and a troublemaker.

    My mother introduced me to a plant growing in a backyard – rhubarb.  I thought it looked disgusting.  My mother told me it would taste delicious.  I said, “There is no way that is going in my mouth.”  I can’t explain why I felt that way.  I would change my mind if I tried it, right?  I never would.  The reason would come in a book I just recently read (that later).

    Could just looking at or tasting before it hits your stomach tell you that something could be bad for you to eat?

    Even Something Good Could be Bad

    We love to generalize about people and their behavior.  We also love to generalize what food is good for us.  Your biochemistry is as unique as your DNA.  There are things you may be allergic to that others aren’t.  There are things that don’t sit well in your stomach.  But it tastes so good to everyone else.  Your excuse when dogged about it?  “I have a sensitive stomach.”

    Never mind the fact you probably never ate it.

    A reaction from eating something is one thing.  A foreboding feeling that something may be bad to eat seems ridiculous.  But there are many things today we take into consideration that were thought silly years ago.

    The Allergen List Grows

    The questions my mother and I got from seeing doctors in the sixties and seventies was about typical allergies with eggs, milk and nuts.  I was suffering sinus problems back then but it was not from a substance.  I’ll explain later.  But since the advent of new farming techniques, shelf life preservatives, and flavor enhancers, the list of allergens are rising.

    My sister has always been allergic to corn syrup.  It makes her break out with cold soars.  There are so many other cases of weird reactions I’ve heard.  But if someone feels they can’t eat something, how can you insist they do themselves harm?

    This critical narrative needs to stop.  You need to respect someone for a quirk on a food.  There could be a reason.

    Blood Type Diet Revelation

    Yes, I read Eat Right Four (4) Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo.  I scoffed at some of it at first.  Until, I realized how my doctors had advised me according to this.  I’m an A+ and am more inclined to fruits and vegetables.  Getting off red meat and dairy changed my life dramatically.  There were also fruits and veggies I needed to avoid.  But the biggest surprise...

    The book told me to avoid Rhubarb.

    There were some disappointments in the book but I’ve been following it.  I realize there is more to how my body deals with certain foods than I could ever imagine.  Reading this book or any other articles you find online in WebMD, etc. could open your eyes to why you have an aversion to certain foods.

    Psychosomatic Reaction

    Here’s where biochemistry gets messed up from the mind.  Allergies aren’t just caused by a substance but an event.

    Back to my mother and I.  As a kid my nose was getting overstuffed, hard to breath.  My doctor did tests, talked with me, then talked with my mother privately.  He told her I had no allergies.  “What’s wrong with him,” she asked.  The doc leaned over his desk and snapped, “You’re stressing him out.”  My mother was horrible with personal finances and taste in men.

    My mother herself had an aversion to orange juice I made fun of.  Until, she told me why.  My grandmother slipped castor oil into her orange juice as a child.  I never bagged her about orange juice ever again.

    Trust Your Gut Reaction to Food

    When a feeling comes over you that it may be something bad, even if it tastes good, trust it.  We trust when there is a physical reaction and usually don’t return to it.  Yet you may be doing yourself a favor by not trying it at all.  Call it a biological compass if you wish.  There’s no harm in being careful compared to not wanting to miss out and then suffering for eating it.

    Do not be intimidated by others.  I tried that with my brother and it didn’t work.  One good thing for him.

    Don’t be critical of others yourself.  Be understanding no matter how strange it may seem to you.  What’s the harm?  You don’t want to feel responsible for them getting sick or possibly dying.

    The next time you are introduced to something new just say, “I’m doing a gut check.”

    Join the Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  Share your personal story and expertise.

  • 10/26/2018 9:20 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    Cancer is in my family--my mother had colon cancer, late brother and maternal uncle had prostate cancer, another brother has lymphoma, and a sister is a breast cancer survivor. A mass was revealed on my annual Mammogram in 2009. My doc said it was small and decided to keep an eye on it.

    In August 2014 my Mammo showed that the mass doubled, prompting my doctor into action. It grew sometime between the 2013 and 2014 screens, which is no surprise to me given the amount of distress I experienced with the deaths of my mother, sister-in-law, and brother in a short period of time. Another Mammo, Ultra Sound and Biopsy were ordered. It felt like I spent so much time at the diagnostic center that one chair had my name on it. Ironically, the Biopsy was on April 1st.

    The only thing I will say about the Biopsy is that whoever invented the procedure was sadistic, psychotic or both. I mean who would think of inserting a jumbo metal straw with pointed end into the breast? Thankfully though, the mass disappeared after the first extraction (3-5 were planned) and the result was normal.

    Why am I sharing something soooo personal? Because health matters! I strongly believe that prevention, early detection, and early intervention save lives. I do not want to wake up to stage 4 or 5 of anything. I am sharing this because I want all of us to do our part and manage what we can. Sure, genes are important but so is lifestyle. We do have choices.

    Health has always been very important to me so I take a proactive approach to my overall wellbeing. I get annual exams and labs. And I strive to balance work, play, rest, nutrition, and activity. Last April I added daily doses of USANA's mega antioxidants, fish oil, and other supplements. Then I added USANA's Proflavanol in September to give my immune system that extra boost and to put any potential disease on notice that it will have to fight for survival in my body. Every Mammogram has been clean since. My labs are perfect. 

    I implore you to take preventive measures for your health--get a physical and labs. Then follow up with education and treatment if any stage of disease is discovered. While the process can be frightening, avoidance causes more pain for self and loved ones. The opposite is a possibility could learn that you are in good health already. Get screened because Health Matters!

    Glen Alex, Author, Speaker, Health & Wellness Coach
    Living In Total Health (available in hardcover and ebook)

  • 10/23/2018 9:55 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    Be A Dynamic Influence That’s Never Forgotten

    My friend Steve had an acting career that was starting to take off.  Calls came in for all kinds of roles in film and television projects.  His dream was to be a romantic lead, a movie star with a huge following.  Steve was reading scripts on and off camera with incredibly attractive women.  His future was bright until...

    Steve was walking out of a restaurant with a beautiful actress on his arm when approached by two robbers.  He didn’t take them seriously.  But this wasn’t a movie and he wasn’t a hero.

    Shot in the elbow, Steve rehabilitated for a year out of town.  When Steve came back to Hollywood so he could resume his acting career, no one remembered him.  His agent had to ask a number of questions to recognize him.

    Steve had to start over.

    Visibility Keeps You In The Game

    Have you had to start over with your profession or business?  Were you away for awhile?  You don’t have to be.  You could be running an ad or marketing campaign that never changes and gains nothing.  Maybe you hardly have it out there because advertising costs.  Whatever the reason, you’re lack of changing your marketing content so it’s fresh – can make you invisible.

    By the time you do have a winning campaign put together, you have to find new customers.

    If something happens to you or your business, how do you regain your edge in the market?  By being unforgettable.

    No Forgetting the Likeable

    Weekly television series have a formula that they got from movies in the 1930’s called “Serials.” Many successful shows have used it from Soap Operas to Situation Comedies to Dramatic Series.  It’s called the Cliff Hanger.

    Nobody cares what happens to you, unless you mean something.  You have to be like a close friend or family member.  How do you achieve that? Likeability.  In the movie “Sea of Love,” Al Pacino plays a cop who eventually investigates serial killings with a sexy woman suspect. Who cares?  You do when you see the second scene of the movie.

    Pacino’s character is about to spring a sting with his fellow detectives.  They are in a gym with tables set up to register guests who were sent a flyer.  The event is a supposed meeting with star athletes.  The attendees are criminals with outstanding warrants. One man comes in with his son, a boy.  What does Pacino’s character do?

    He tries to get them to leave so the father isn’t arrested in front of the son.  That’s likeability.

    Successful television shows build this relationship with their audience.  Successful movie sequels happen because of their audience investing their emotions into those key characters.  Your business could do this.

    It Can Be An Addiction

    Now that you care, how does the Cliff Hanger work?  Conflict is what moves a story.  Every time there is a debacle, you want to see the resolution.  Story telling is built on this.  It’s what moves you from scene to scene, situation to situation.  But stop the story without the resolution and you go nuts. Remember this: To Be Continued.

    Now you have to care to come back next week, right?  There has to be an emotional investment.

    How are you going to make yourself or your business likeable?  By honestly relating to your ideal customer with their key emotion in mind.  By spelling it out for them so they are not confused.  Once you hook them knowing who they are and what their problem is, it’s time to give them your solution.  Once successful...

    Where’d You Go?

    That’s right if you’re missing and they like you – they’re going to ask.  Wow!  That makes a person alone feel wanted, imagine a company.  So it’s creating that likeability with some drama to keep them interested and coming back.

    Not The Change You Want

    My friend Steve revived his career but not as a star.  He had to settle for character roles.  He got acting jobs.  Just not the ones he dreamed of and used to get.  Steve now sees himself as second rate in his profession.

    Is that what you want?

    Renew your marketing content today.  Stay current.  Make yourself likeable so that in the event of a Cliff Hanger...

    They’ll want to find out what happened to you.

  • 10/11/2018 11:51 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    I recently became aware of another massage company with a name similar to The Massage Advantage that now operates in the Las Vegas area. The Massage Advantage has been providing therapeutic and sports massages since 2007.

    Owner/Operator Glen Alex is not affiliated with any other massage company nor does The Massage Advantage offer or accept Groupons. 

    Please be mindful of our contact information:

    Glen Alex, BCTMB, LMT
    The Massage Advantage
    8751 W. Charleston Blvd Suite 150
    Las Vegas, NV 89128


    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

  • 10/09/2018 8:31 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    Building Trust is More Important Than a Quick Sale

    What business doesn’t want: a customer for life, a buyer who keeps buying, an easy sale?

    I’ve been to a lot of networking events.  Do I pressure people for business?  No.  I’m there to make a connection.  You need to at least make contact with prospects or others who can help you 5 – 7 times. That’s how you get them to know and remember you.  Otherwise, you’re a memory whether you left a business card or not.

    I’ve been to mixers where people meet me once.  If they don’t sell me right then, they vaporize.  I’m not a person but a number, a possible dollar sign.  It can be very demeaning.

    Why I Network

    Las Vegas Biggest Mixer was a fascinating event for me.  I got to talk to individual business professionals about what they did. I interested people in what I had to say about my business and the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of commerce.  It wasn’t just food and selling people.  It was advertising exposure, interesting conversation and personal connection.

    Getting to know people builds TRUST.

    I was able to connect with friends I networked with before.  I met new types of business people outside Health & Fitness.  They had interesting sales strategies like, “On Target Marketing” which was fire arms training. Where else am I going to meet professionals like this?  Not everyone is in the yellow pages or online.

    That Personal Touch

    People get the wrong idea about networking.  They think it’s all about netting a customer.  What’s in it for me?  There’s far more to it and maybe that’s why so many businesses fail. They’re not personal.  And act desperate.

    The 3 Components for Successful Networking are:

    1. Influence – Demonstrating your knowledge and expertise on your business
    2. Resources– Realizing your contact is more than another sale but a source of valuable information
    3. Relationship– Who are you going to buy from, someone you know and trust or a pushy stranger

    You’re the Expert

    Believe it or not, people can find you interesting.  Your business should be your passion.  People (yes both men and women) respond to other’s passion. Do you get excited about explaining aspects of your business?  Do you talk about those in your market like they’re your friends or family?

    The way you tell your story will help those you speak to remember you.  You may even have a customer at that moment.  But hard selling right now isn’t a close. You’re more than likely going to drive them away like some lonely person wanting love.

    They’re a Valuable Resource

    Your networking contacts may have a market that crosses into yours.  That could be a wealth of prospective customers.  Getting to trust them and getting them to trust you could lead to exchange of valuable information (like a list exchange). Your contact could have new demographics, or an improved customer profile.

    You’re not going to get that from them with a shake down.  A shared interest in helping each other’s businesses leads to referrals just as much as a satisfied customer.  Working together, you can achieve a lot more than just one sale.

    Your local community can benefit also if you care to help them.

    How do you develop relationships?

    One step at a time. There’s no rush when it comes to serious and meaningful business colleagues, community partners, and friendships.  You always need to get to know each other better.  Have an understanding of what you both need.  Two or more heads are better than one in coming up with a great idea.

    I urge you to attend more networking events, business mixers and market expos.  The more you’re out showing who you are, the more interest you will gain.

    I hope to see you at one of our Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce networking lunches.  If you are a member, or someone who may be interested in joining, it would be great to see you.

  • 10/07/2018 3:27 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    I wear many hats--author, speaker, coach, social worker, humanitarian, and massage therapist. All of them revolve around matters of health. And I believe that therapeutic massage is an integral component of health because of its abundant benefits and ability to facilitate the healing process. 

    Unfortunately, some opportunists see massage as a way to indulge in their creepy and criminal behaviors as evidenced by recent news that male therapists at a national chain have been outed for sexually assaulting female clients (the chain covered them up). On the flip side, some female therapists prostitute my beloved profession.

    Therefore, it behooves me to offer massage safety tips. Please use them along with your inner wisdom to differentiate between legitimate and illegal massage.

    1. Disrobe to your comfort level. If you want to keep your underwear on, then so be it.

    2. Disrobe to the level of necessity. If you’re getting a foot massage, there is no legitimate reason to remove anything other than shoes and socks/stockings. If the “therapist” beckons you to remove more, refuse or get dressed and leave.

    3. You should feel or sense where the massage therapist’s hands are at all times. Occasionally, the therapist will disconnect to get hot towels or a stool for seated work or more massage cream/oil. You can tell when this is the case. If you can’t tell what the therapist is doing, then think “A pregnant pause gives me cause.” Otherwise, the therapist should have both hands on you.

    4. If you are deliberately touched in an inappropriate way (accidents do happen), then your intuition will tell you that something is off. I strongly urge you to stop the massage at that point, tell the therapist to leave the room, get dressed, and then report it! Offenders view silence as consent and will repeat their behavior with someone else.

    5. Don’t go to random “massage” parlors. They may not be licensed or regulated. Asking someone you trust for referrals or research can save loads of heartache.

    Massage therapy is an integral part of healthcare. So is your safety.

    Glen Alex
    Author of Living In Total Health

  • 09/28/2018 9:34 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    Increase Business by Avoiding Your Company Sounding Like A Nag

    Your Marketing Strategy has worked for years until recently.  It’s said, “If it’s not broke don’t fix it.”  When you see response start to sink, do you wait or act?  Waiting too long can damage your brand.  But fresh and timely content raises your game.

    You hear comments like, “They’re not what they used to be.”  Or, “Time passed them by.”  Worse, “I found something new.”

    Movie Star Clint Eastwood said it best in his character roles: “Nag, nag, nag. You sound like a nag.”  That’s what old content sounds like.  Hitting your readers and viewers with the same message over and over again.  Even a winning sales message runs out of gas sooner or later and becomes avoidable or a joke.

    Even a joke keeps attention on your brand but avoidance is death.

    Lets look at some old marketing messages:

    • When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight (FEDEX): From personal experience – fail.
    • Think Different (Apple): Now one of the established Technology companies they can’t say that anymore.
    • Always the Lowest Price, Always (Walmart): Store Manager decides on accepting competitor coupons.
    • Got Milk? (California Milk Processing Board): Changed to health benefits to fight health threat claims.
    • Have It Your Way (Burger King): Try having it your way today.

    When readers/viewers see fresh content that stimulates their thinking, they’re ready for the next step.

    Responsiveness More Than Change

    A new slogan and message must resonate with your target buyer.  Times change, people change but most of all there may be a change to why they buy.  That means keeping up with your market.

    You have to speak to the same customers differently to keep them interested.  Sometimes you have to replace old customers before you have no customers.  The way to do this is with fresh content that speaks directly to them.  How do you do that?  Changing the narrative is hard, especially if you and a small number of customers still love the old message.

    But we’re not talking ascetics.  We’re talking marketing.  You’re not just raising the bar.  This is about survival.

    You keep track of current events in the news.  Do you keep track of your market’s trends?  Change is inevitable, especially for your buyers or potential buyers.  You need to keep your eye on what they want.  There are companies who don’t.

    They usually fail.

    New Angle, New Interest

    How do you use fresh content to keep your viewers and readers interested?  You key in on a new angle to peak their curiosity.  The concept itself may have been used before but not in the way you present it.

    Here are four focus points in presenting your new message:

    1. Find out if your buyer has the same problem or a new one.
    2. Think of a new angle for same problem solution or a new solution for a new problem
    3. Relate to your prospect on an honest and personal level about his problem.
    4. How to present your original twist that will hook your prospective buyer.

    Keeping up with your market and in-tune with your customers needs will give you retention and add buyers.  Re-assess your market today, even if you feel you know it.  New ideas are how you keep up and keep going.  You may even enjoy doing something different.

    Fresh content will keep readers and viewers interested.  They will also look forward to your next message.

  • 09/16/2018 8:15 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    When I think of Human Interest, I conceptualize the realization of potential. That word is thrown around a lot yet few recognize when it has been reached. While many are told by teachers, mentors, and therapists that they have “potential”, we can overlook it.  We humans are born with gifts and talents capable of uplifting the world. Singers voice human longings and greatness and love. Artists express the powerful unseen. Regular folk spread love on a daily basis.

    Miss Aretha unearthed the “Natural Woman”. Thomas Kinkade illuminated the soul via light on canvas. My late brother Kenny spread safety to every construction worker he supervised—no one was injured under Kenny’s supervision in his 25-year career.

    Aretha’s voice, Thomas’ brush, and Kenny’s caring are innate gifts. And they chose to use those gifts to benefit humanity. The potential of such gifts deepen connections to self and others and tap into the unconditional, everlasting love from whence we all come.

    As we strive individually to reach our own potential (hopefully), how about we take joy in the achievement of others?  How about empathizing with the positive? You see, empathy is seeing yourself in another person’s shoes. And empathy is not only about compassion when someone is in pain or having a hard time. It is also available when positive and loving things happen.

    We can bask in the appreciation when someone we know does great things for themselves, their family, society, and the world at large, and see ourselves achieving something similar that is in line with our True Selves and individuality.

    That is the “interest” part for me. The premium, added value, of reaching one’s potential is the acceptance of and celebration by others who recognize that they too can achieve such heights and uplift us all. For when one of us accomplishes something great for the world, it elevates us all and opens the door even further for everyone else to do the same.

    So my point is…respect, love, and accept when someone you know does great things to bring all of us to a higher level of existence. And know that you can do the same whether you sing, paint, or care.

    Glen Alex, Speaker, Health & Wellness Coach
    Author of Living In Total Health
    Host of The Glen Alex Show

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