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  • 05/13/2019 3:12 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    Are you pregnant with water? Professional and recreational athletes are well aware of the importance of hydration. They know that inadequate consumption of water and electrolytes can result in muscle cramps, diminished performance, and other negative physical consequences. I’ve witnessed tennis friends suffer severe leg cramps and nearly pass out from dehydration. Even spectators at outdoor activities fall out from dehydration.

    The body needs hydration, “to be impregnated with water” to function properly. While the physical demand is greater for athletes and even physically demanding jobs like construction, lay persons need proper fluid intake too. Even though you may not work outside, lift weights, or run marathons, your cells and muscles require water, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other nutrients too for optimal functioning on the daily.

    My father was recently hospitalized because his heart rate was above 150 at the same time his diastolic blood pressure was 36. After test results of every system were within normal limits, my father’s doctor narrowed the cause down to dehydration. He simply was not eating enough food nor drinking enough fluids to nourish, hydrate, his body. Consequently he felt weak, lethargic, and dizzy, rendering him unable to effectively perform normal daily activities.

    One of my massage clients sought treatment for constant headaches that onset suddenly as the weather warmed. Most of her labs were normal too, except for fluids and electrolytes. She was dehydrated. Once she implemented physician recommendations to replenish, the headaches resolved.

    Other symptoms of dehydration include extreme thirst, fuzzy thinking, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, dark urine, confusion, and dry mouth, lips, eyes and skin. Dehydration is no joke!

    Hydration is important for everyone for normal functioning. And even more so with increased activity, stress, and warmer weather. So consult your primary healthcare provider or a licensed nutritionist for guidance if necessary and impregnate yourself with water.

    People often don't hydrate enough - they don't drink enough water. One will see marked improvement in their overall wellness, in their skin tone, even in their hair, if they hydrate enough.
    --David Kirsch

    Glen Alex, LCSW, Author, Speaker, Health & Wellness Coach
    The Glen Alex Show | |

  • 04/20/2019 7:59 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    We don’t know the day nor the hour of transition. The exact moment of death is beyond human awareness. Until the moment arrives. Up to that point, however, it is imperative we plan ahead to unburden family. You may be thinking that only the elderly or infirm should do so.

    You would be wrong. Young and healthy people die too. I know a few individuals younger than 60 who died from cardiac arrest, aneurysm, suicide, accidents, and unnatural causes. Thus, advanced directives are crucial for all adults.

    Providing loved ones with clear direction about health care choices, end of life issues, and the division of assets is the healthy thing to do. No, it does not signal giving up. Instead, an advanced directive will definitely minimize the anguish of making decisions that directly impact another person’s lifeline and vitality. You may be thinking this is a morbid subject.

     You would be wrong again. Advanced directives are not about dying. They are about living. About the carrying out of your life wishes when you can no longer speak for yourself. Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney are tools that provide for living the last moments of life well, on your terms.

    Is there a higher form of health than that? I’m not sure there is. Facing mortality and being clear about how you want your life to end indicate strength, mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health, and are admirable. Not only does establishing an advanced directive indicate realism about the finite time we have on earth, it’s also about loving those charged with making critical decisions so much that you choose to lessen their fears, sadness, and hesitations when it’s time to do the best thing for you.

    Prepare now to transition your way before the day, the hour arrives.

    Printable Advanced Directives by state:

    Glen Alex, LCSW, Author, Coach

  • 04/09/2019 8:51 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    It’s In You and You Don’t Even Acknowledge or Use It

    I was going over a leadership project in Toastmasters when I asked the question, why am I this leadership type.  I was using my leadership abilities in certain areas but not all.  Why not?  Because I didn’t recognize it or I thought the reason was too private.  It would expose my inner self and leave me vulnerable.  That’s exactly what I needed to be...

    Vulnerability wins others over.  It shows them you’re human.  It shows you care.

    My Formative Childhood

    When I was five years old, I would listen to my parents late at night – yelling at each other in the living room or kitchen.  I wondered what would happen to my family.

    After two more years, my dad left.  He told me I was the man of the family now.  It was a curse.

    I became a worrier.  My mother was horrible with personal finances (and she was a bookkeeper).  She made bad decisions, especially with men.  But the worse was when she was in a car accident.  Me, my younger brother and sister were placed into separate foster homes for six months (no relative wanted to deal with my problem child brother).

    On my 10th birthday, I sat in the back seat of a small car with my sister and brother huddled against me.  A social worker took us out one by one to our temporary homes.  My brother was first.  He turned to me and said, “Don’t let her take me.”  I said, “It’ll be okay.”  I didn’t know that but I wanted to believe it.

    I was dropped off last.  When I saw my new room, I dove face down onto my bed and sobbed...because I had failed my family.

    Resulting Behavior

    Whenever I went on events like Church Camp or a field trip, I was given spending money.  I always brought all of it back.  I was concerned for my family.  If my mother needed some kind of help, I gave it to her.  I became the one she could depend on.  I didn’t want to fail again.

    Through the rest of my life I would want to do right by others.  My motto became: I don’t want to let anyone down.

    It also lead to me being taken advantage of.  I would learn this the hard way.

    I served in the United States Navy.  I took my oath seriously, especially since I had veteran family.  I became dedicated to my country and fellow servicemen.  This would also be my way in civilian work.

    The Cancer Crisis

    On February 13, 2016, I went into surgery for facial cancer.  Earlier that week I had been putting my affairs in order – in case I would die.  Then something inside me said, “NO!”  I had friends and family who needed me.  My mother and brother were gone and my sister would be without me (her closest family).

    It was rough – 12 hours of surgery – but I survived.

    My goal was to work with others to achieve a better life for them even more than myself.  This not only gives me purpose but a better feeling about myself.

    What’s This Got Do With Business?

    You need to be true to yourself if you are going to communicate with potential customers.  Otherwise, they’re going to sense that you’re not who you say you are and mistrust your product/service.

    You’ve got to let them know – you’re not just out for their money.

    Marketing means reaching people.  They have dreams, desires, values, flaws and a need for human connection.  The latter being king.  Because of this they can risk damage.  The consequences to making the wrong contacts are – mistrust, resentment, depression and isolation.

    Have you ever in your life had to move from place to place, home to home, school to school.  I had when my mother got into the financial trouble.  I had to try and make new friends.  But some of the new kids I came across were just evil.  Which lead to early isolation.

    Imagine a business gaining someone’s trust and then burning them.  Now you’re job to market them got that much harder.

    If you market like many of your competition, you’ll get little results.  You’re not winning their trust.  They want to know if you’re for real.  Are you a person who cares about them and not some slickster?

    How do you do that?  By opening yourself up and being vulnerable.  My family members in sales knew how to win customers with relating and gaining trust.

    So what is the missing ingredient you refuse to use that will make your business successful?

    You actually know what it is but are too guarded to take it out.

    Communicating Your Basic Self

    It’s the center of who you are.  Your values, hopes, fears, and strongest beliefs are what make up your core.  But you see all this as PRIVATE and don’t communicate.

    The façade can always be yanked away suddenly because it’s not really you.  “Who can relate to someone as inferior as the real me?”  A real person sees themselves as just as inferior.  They’re desperate for contact with someone who isn’t perfect.  You’ve been taught by phonies (with their own inferiority/superiority complexes) to be like them.

    I’ve been through many of these sham courses.  Haven’t you?

    Break the deceit and be you with all the mistakes.  Make yourself human to be the hero.  Be you.

    “You” Marketing

    It’s time to start a new type of marketing that’s not new.  When you tell a story, give an example, or talk to your customer like someone you know – care about them.  Let them know you’re in this for them.

    That doesn’t mean a discount offer.  It means a communication relationship.  You’d be surprised that even the most trivial subject matter keeps them interested, as long as you are you.

    Make a future or current customer a friend for life today.

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  • 03/31/2019 4:30 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    I am distraught.

    The murder of a female college student, Samantha Josephson, is unnerving. Apparently she got into the car that police postulate she mistook for the Uber she requested. It was not.

    I believe in and adore the best of humanity--our profound capacity to give and love. However, I’ve seen many examples of human depravity. Growing up working poor in Los Angeles (no, not South Central—a media misnomer) and Clinical Social Work have exposed me to just how hurtful people can be. Samantha’s murder exemplifies the wickedness within because a decent human being would have told her about the mistake and let her out of the car.

    The seeming collision of coincidences that led to this crime of opportunity are frightening. Samantha requested an Uber. The murderer arrived about the time and in the vehicle she expected. She got in his car. He took advantage.

    I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Ever. I’ve used ride share frequently and have had a handful of hiccups. However, my life was never in danger. And I am hopeful that the safety steps I employ will help keep you safe.

    1. Verify the make, model, and license plate # of the car before getting in
    2. Compare the driver's face and name to the driver profile in the app
    3. Sit in the back seat on solo rides
    4. Share my ride with others via the app so they can see where the car is at all times
    5. Keep my phone handy and the app open just in case

    Because of technology, ride share is safer than cabs. So let’s not give criminals the opportunity to harm us. Be aware and stay safe!

    Glen Alex, author of Living In Total Health, host of The Glen Alex Show, and health & wellness coach. Visit for more information.

  • 03/18/2019 9:05 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

         Every Spring, there are many calls to action to engage in the liveliness of the season. Flowers are abloom, there’s an abundance of sunshine, and outdoor activities emerge.
          And here is another call to action: it’s time to spring clean the mind. Just like we clean house and discard things we no longer use or can fit, the mental spring clean is about releasing. Let go of thinking patterns that don’t serve your highest good.
          Cleansing your mind can drastically improve overall health. The burden of holding on to painful and ancient thoughts takes its toll on your energy, your sleep, your weight, your ability to relate authentically with loved ones, your ability to be present, your mood, the list goes on…

    “Free your mind and the rest will follow.” Envogue

         Adopting the philosophy of Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s Shedding The Weight, the mental cleanse does not focus on “losing” anything. Rather, the mental cleanse strives to liberate self from useless thoughts and old hurts.
         The process of liberation contains valuable insights from which you can learn and grow from your experiences, make constructive adjustments, then let go and move on.
         So I invite you to use this simple framework to assist you in
    freeing your mind.

    Sweep away old thoughts and limiting beliefs like you sweep dirt from the floor.

    Hone in on opportunities to replace pain with joy…a subtle shift in what you focus on.

    Evict judgements from others.

    Dust off old frustrations.

    It’s time to SHED thinking patterns that don’t support you and old frustrations that hold you back from achieving your absolute best in life. Improve your health. Cleanse your mind.

    Glen Alex is an author, clinical social worker, speaker, health & wellness coach, and host of The Glen Alex Show. Please visit

  • 02/06/2019 3:54 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    "Dearest clients, friends, business associates, and massage enthusiasts,

    The Massage Advantage is under fire. Another company new to the Las Vegas area is demanding that I change my company’s name. This company, "...frankly, up until 2017...had not started to acquire market share in Las Vegas." ...ten years after I established and effectively used the name The Massage Advantage.

    I have worked hard to brand The Massage Advantage, provided by “The Best Hands in the business”, and earn a positive reputation with local clients and professional athletes. And those of you who know me personally, have received massages from me, and have done business with me are aware that I operate from a place of integrity.

    So while the legalese are being hammered out, please don’t be confused by Groupons or erroneous reviews. Name confusion is at the heart of this infringement.

    I thank you for your understanding and continued support."

    My life's work is about health because people who are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy do not intentionally harm self or others. And my belief about Humanity is expressed in a variety of areas, massage therapy being one of them.


  • 01/31/2019 11:47 AM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    The Inner Voice That Says It’s Wrong

    An instructor in Casino Surveillance class was recalling a conversation with a coworker named Sam.  He was curious.  Sam seemed to be a decent guy.  He was sharp at catching bad guys because he knew what to look for.  That’s because Sam was a former criminal.  People like Sam are referred to in the industry as cross-roaders.

    My instructor’s name was Phil.  He had been a dealer, a pit boss, a surveillance agent and a manager.  Phil knew Sam’s past.  Sam would tell him all the stories, the scores and the mishaps that nailed him.

    But Sam was such a thoughtful and helpful guy.  Phil just didn’t get it.  So he asked...

    “Sam, how could you be a crook?”

    “It’s like this, Phil.  After the first time – it gets easier.”

    Have you ever felt this way when faced with doing something you knew was wrong?  That your resistance started to drop?  There was no sickness, no tightness in your stomach.  There was no anxiety or feverish feeling in your bones.

    Many of us don’t listen to the warnings.  We become addicts, misguided violators, or just plain jerks.  And not just towards others but to ourselves.

    Where did that warning feeling go?

    Jiminy Cricket

    “May your conscience be your guide.”  That’s right, I’m quoting a character in the story Pinnochio.  Do we follow his advice?  Of course not.  At every turn, we rationalize an excuse to trespass or do ourselves harm.  Why?  Because it is in our nature.  That’s why that tiny voice, that strong feeling, or the lightening bolt is there.

    If we would just follow those wise words (all be it from an animation), we would be much better off.

    Let’s look at a few examples:

    • Stealing fruit from a tree – it was hanging over the fence and that’s public domain.
    • Spreading rumors about a rival or worse a friend – I didn’t start it but it sounded true.
    • Wanting your best friend’s love bad enough you engage – one thing led to another and I couldn’t help myself.
    • Wrath – they had it coming.  If it wasn’t me, it would be someone else.

    “So all we need to do is listen to our gut?”

    That depends on you.  Will you listen?  Will you turn away from doing the wrong thing?  Or has misbehavior and disobedience become a part of your character?  That makes doing wrong harder to break.

    Misbehavior and Health

    Besides getting shot by your best friend for messing with his girl, there’s risk off illness.  How is that?  Stress.  Hiding damage you know you’ve done can cause you ulcers, disease, or other effects caused by your psyche.  Being a good person, you will more than likely feel bad.

    Have you ever lied to your mother, or a boss?  There is overwhelming anxiety you’ll get exposed.  The voice you hear in your head saying, “You’re going to get caught?”

    Bad people don’t suffer from this because they’re in their element.  They have been practiced in it like Sam used to be.

    But a good person kills themselves with guilt until they let it go.  That’s why it is better to listen to it ahead of time and avoid destroying yourself (either a little or a lot).

    We must be straight with ourselves and others if we want to live a healthy life.

    Contrasting Examples

    I would never take a bribe.  I know someone else and my own character would suffer for it.  But...

    I knew people who looked at me like I was an alien because they would take the money.

    I make it a point to get to work early or on time.  I don’t want to let anyone down.  So many others could care less and show up late.  They only go somewhere else and start all over again when fired.

    I try to avoid the wrong foods to live a better quality of life.  Never smoked.  Made my mistakes with alcohol early on.  Others over eat bad food, smoke, drink, use drugs and have risky sex.  On top of that, they get into fights – sometimes lethal.  Who do you think foots the bill when they end up in the Hospital?

    This is why you have to watch out for who you associate with.  You don’t want to be them.

    But there are reasons you sometimes do.

    Learning When Young

    There was an older boy that I thought was a cool guy, someone to emulate.  I was 13 at the time and had always been shy.  This older boy had a straight and husky frame.  A handsome guy with a cocky demeanor, he instantly attracted girls.  But there was a problem...

    He was into drugs.  Certain juvenile criminals hung out with him.  Including one that attacked me - twice.  Did I want to be like him after I experienced this?  No.  His image hit rock bottom after a short time.

    Sometimes it takes a negative experience to come to our senses.  We want so badly to have when we should be thankful for what we’ve got.

    The Prescription: Avoid the Wrong, Do the Right

    That same place in your gut becomes warm when you do something right for others.  It causes you to feel better about yourself and encourages you to do more.  Others truly are depending on you – friends, family and strangers (kind and unkind).

    Your gut should tell you when you’re in a bad place.  You have to overcome a strong desire to stop and move away.  This doesn’t just take strength.  It takes practice.

    Character, just like good health, is something you mold.

    Just like a proper diet there are some things we need to avoid.  Good behavior is also a sign of wellness.

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  • 01/20/2019 12:02 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    It’s January and resolution time! Millions of people will vow to lose weight, get in shape, save money, or make some other promise to do better personally. I applaud resolutions for identifying areas to improve and grow. Self-reflection is critical to overall health and happiness because it brings clarity about the adjustments needed to live more fully and more authentically and lead to effective action.

    While personal resolutions can be helpful, social change is so so powerful, turning resolution into revolution. So let’s revolt! Let’s turn the tide of what’s become a social norm, which saddens me. These days it is acceptable to ridicule and belittle anyone who disagrees. Difference of opinion is disrespected. Just look at our politicians call each other out, publicly attacking the personal imperfections of a foe. Now I’m not only talking about disagreements about social policy. The attacks are about looks and attractiveness, mannerisms, and worse.

    Don’t get me wrong…politicians alone are not to blame. After all, would they behave the way they do if they didn’t have an accepting audience? Good question. I watched friends fight on social media during the last presidential election because they had different political views. They are no longer friends.

    We can do better. We must do better for our collective mental health and physical safety. You see, demoralizing and dehumanizing another person puts us one step closer to violence against those who have their own opinions. If you don’t see someone as human, i.e. worthy only because  they don’t mirror you, then it becomes easier to harm them. According to the FBI, hate crimes increase during presidential election years, perhaps because differences—beliefs, gender, race, religion, status--are on open display. So for the perps, difference = violence. We must do better.

    Nate Boyer sets a perfect example. The former Green Beret and NFL player was offended by Colin Kaepernick sitting during the National Anthem. Yet instead of demonizing Kaepernick and labeling him anti-American as so many did, Nate actually spoke with Colin about his cause. After their lengthy conversation, Nate understood Colin’s objective and suggested he kneel because kneeling is a sign of respect in the military. And peaceful protest is oh so patriotic.

    While I'm not sure that Nate agrees with Colin, I am certain that Nate was mature enough to set his own ego and beliefs aside to gain perspective about a differing opinion. You see, understanding is not agreement. Understanding is acceptance of diversity. Understanding is seeing the inherent worthiness of difference without relinquishing your own beliefs.

    So let’s follow Nate’s commendable action…seek to understand and learn that difference of opinion is a valuable form of diversity.

    We must do better. We can do better. Let the revolution begin.

    Glen Alex is an author, speaker, health & wellness coach, clinical social worker, humanitarian, and health advocate.

  • 01/02/2019 3:34 AM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    Grandma’s Old Winter Remedies Are Not Enough

    The Holiday Season has passed.  The fun of when you were unwrapping presents as a child.  Later, watching children unwrapping presents with excitement seemed even better.  For my late mother, it was magical.  She loved this time of year because she adored children.

    Unfortunately, her oldest son has his problems with this time of year.

    It’s also the Cold and Flu season.  I tend to be sick at this time of year.  The worse cold I had was on a plane from Reno back to Las Vegas.  I had been visiting my nephew.  People were coughing horribly on the plane.  When I got back home, it hit me hard.  I had to call of work.  One co-worker said, “You know Mike has to be really sick, because he never calls off work.”

    My cold and flu memories are too nasty and painful to relive.  But I remember being sick when I was a boy and my grandmother using a word I didn’t understand.  She said, “You need a good physique.”  I asked my mother what she meant.  Mom was too embarrassed to explain the word.

    Physique means laxative.

    Blood Sugar Explosion

    What do we usually like to eat during the Holidays?  “Oh, you must eat my homemade pie.  I made it especially for you.  After all, it’s your favorite.”  How can you say no.  Or, “You can’t let this food go to waste.”  So it goes to my waist.  Never mind, if you’re borderline diabetic or a cancer survivor.   It’s only one time of year...

    Let’s get an accurate account of sugar eating holidays:

    • Halloween – Usually candy (the worse being milk chocolate).
    • Thanksgiving – Pies, cakes, cookies, candied yams, mashed potatoes, white bread stuffing, and more.
    • Christmas – All of the above and don’t forget the eggnog (even worse with booze).
    • New Years – Lots of booze (loaded with sugar).

    Only one time of year, eh.  No wonder we suffer every Holiday Season.

    Do you realize what all this does to you, especially if you are up in age?  One thing I noticed with my grandmother, and so many other seniors since then, is the sweet tooth gets stronger.  The addiction to sugar is great.  What is the most common item I see seniors bringing to church meetings – sweets.

    Happy Candida

    An imbalance between good and bad bacteria in your gut can get you sick.  The bad bacteria, Candida, needs to stay at a 1/3 level with the rest being good bacteria.  It’s not just the liver and kidney damage diabetes can do (as well as destroying limbs).  We have been making ourselves sick every Holiday Season gorging on sweets.

    My grandmother’s answer was good and bad.  A laxative is good for cleaning out bad bacteria.  But it is not the overall remedy.  Prevention is most important to keep yourself off the sick bed.

    Flushing out your gut after you’ve made yourself sick can make things better, or worse.

    I’ve heard many people go after antibiotics like they’re a cure all when sick.  What they don’t know is that they now have a viral infection that their immune system is desperately fighting to keep them from possibly dying.  The problem started with the over abundance of bad bacteria lowering the immune level.

    Constantly eating the wrong thing and using antibiotics is not a healthy recipe.  We need to control our eating.

    The Prescription Is “Sorry I Can’t”

    Stop eating what’s bad for you.  That or eat less, much less, of it.  That along with moderate exercise is the best way to keep yourself well.  Splurging once, twice, or the entire season (only?) is deceiving yourself.  Sugar is as addictive as cocaine.  You won’t stop there.  I know...

    I was almost completely off sugar for two and a half years.  Then the excuses came back – during the summer.

    Am I just speaking to seniors, diabetics, and cancer survivors?  No.  I’m speaking to everybody.  Sugar, especially processed sugar is harmful in mass quantities.  Many replace these, especially those wanting to keep a trim waste, with alternative sweeteners that are more damaging than sugar.

    Even more deadly is a preservative used to expand shelf life – high fructose corn syrup.  Processed food producers (many serving the fast food businesses) use added chemicals to keep food existing for years to come.

    Forget calorie counting.  Look at what you’re putting into your mouth.  I read more than the pretty label.  There’s a section on the product that tells how much sugar and sodium is in that food item.  If not on the same area, another section tells what the ingredients are.  If any of it sounds like you have to have a science degree to understand it – run.

    Many reading this will say, “You sound like a health nut.”  Others will say I’m being extreme.  I’m only advising on what I’ve seen and been though as someone who is borderline diabetic and a cancer survivor.  Do yourself a favor and read.

    Why Am I Telling You This Now?

    Would you have listened to me back in September or October?  NO.

    After all, it’s only one time a year (three months worth).  Then you make your New Year’s resolution: to exercise all the new gained fat off or go on that exotic diet.  You quit them in less time than the binging you did previously.

    Sticking to a sensible diet and the right exercise is of course boring.  But the result is a better way to live.  It’s easier to stay in shape.  It’s harder to fall out of shape, get sick (maybe more than once), then force yourself into an excruciating regimen.  It doesn’t just take a toll on your body but your mind as well.

    Maybe you’ll listen now that you’re wrapped in a blanket and coughing your head off.  Do you really want to go through this every end of the year?  I know.  I’ve been there too.  I realized this time.  It has to stop or I could suffer much worse.

    Try Resisting Next Holiday Season

    My plan for my next season is simple.  Get rid of every piece of candy after Halloween.  Eat Thanksgiving Dinner at home so I have my own diet met.  Or, tell my family that I have my limitations and I don’t mean to offend.  The same plan for Christmas.  Avoid sugar or eat less of it (better to avoid).

    When you feel like your belly is brimming – STOP – you’ve gone to far.  Try to eat just one helping.  I’ve been there when my mother or grandmothers would say, “Are you sick?”  When I explained to them I was on a diet, they would say, “Why?”

    I know you don’t want your Aunt to cry over your resisting her apple or pumpkin pie.  I’ve cried not being able to eat it.

    Your good health comes first.  Don’t tell them it will make you sick.  That’s worse.  Just use the doctor excuse.  I do because it’s true.  I tell them my doctor limited my diet.  They get angry at the doctor and spare you.

    I hope you all have a happier and healthier 2019.

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  • 12/15/2018 12:52 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    Are you open to the moment? Life can overshadow and overwhelm with work, family, traffic, and general chaos. We get so consumed by stuff that we fall victim to our own mental chatter and lose sight of now.

    Driving, you miss your turn because you’re thinking about what you have to do when you arrive rather than the road. You say something hurtful because you’re recalling a similarly uncomfortable conversation from ago, not about the person before you.

    I too get bogged down with stuff—To-Dos, the calendar, messaging. So I employ daily meditation to return me to my center and evoke calm. As my friend Kelley says when I lose my way on the tennis court, “Find your chi.” My chi resides in meditation and downtime.

    I credit such activities with positioning me mentally and emotionally to let the moment in, at times seemingly random. I witness magic happening. And I reconnect with the depth of existence.

    On a recent flight to Salt Lake City, I saw the Oneness of all. High above the clouds, snow-draped mountains emerged over the wing with sunlight beaming from an angle that magnified the snow’s glistening. My entire being waited to exhale, emulating the bated breath in the Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive. The beauty, the power, and the sheer attractiveness of the Salt Lake landscape provoked what I profoundly know—it’s all connected. Humanity, animals, plants, planets, stars, the universe.

    I was moved by mountains to tears. On an airplane. The connectedness cradled my heart then flooded me with gratitude. The reminder, the experience, and the awareness of them…ready to cry just writing this.

    “Get out of your head and into your body.” This is my own mantra when my mental chatter takes hold and wrestles my attention from the present moment, which usually results in some error. Overthinking and ‘Stinkin Thinkin’ transport us to the past or to the future, neither of which we have any control over. We only control what we do now. This moment.

    And what glorious moment I witnessed just by being present. Being open to the moment. Magic and glorious moments available for you to behold as well.

    Meditate. Be present. Get out of your head and into your experience.

    Let the moment in.

    Glen Alex is author of Living In Total Health, Health & Wellness Coach, and Humanitarian. Please visit to learn more about her.

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