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  • 08/10/2019 8:44 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    My favorite part of flying is take off. Shooting into the atmosphere at an angled hundreds of miles per hour is somehow both anxiety-provoking and awe-inspiring. Mere mortals have created a way to journey across the sky in a metal bird, presenting a live paradox. A paradox is a condition that involves two contradictory outcomes that intuitively cannot exist at the same time. Yet both are simultaneously true. An amazing opportunity for growth.

    In this realm of duality, most humans stick to one pole—black or white, big or little, on or off. And some are unwilling to experience the gray, the in-between, even though that is where the meat of life really is. Polarization involves do’s and don’ts that can provide much needed direction for living. The consequences seem clear, tangible and to have a degree of support for anyone in need of that kind of guidance. Then there is the gray. That space where clarity is contextual and sometimes perceptual. What to do or don’t do is not absolute and both have equitable consequences. One choice does not clearly outweigh the other. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

    Navigating self between a rock and a hard place requires skill, presence, and living in paradox. For, in that unforgiving space is forgiveness. The power and strength of Love is ever present in the seemingly stark gap between what is and what is not. Those most effective a high octane jobs live in paradox. Soldiers, first responders, and trauma doctors and nurses are trained to endure high levels of stress while maintaining emotional equilibrium, enabling them to process information and make decisions at a much higher level than feelings and ego gratification. They successfully maneuver through the paradox of stress and presence to achieve outcomes for the greater good.

    Perhaps that’s why I enjoy take off so much. It requires me to exist in the emotional commotion of fear and find peace within it, to traverse the paradox and open to profundity of the Human experience.

    Glen Alex, LCSW, Author, Speaker, Coach
    The Glen Alex Show

  • 08/06/2019 6:53 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    The Buzz Words That Can Decide A Child’s and A Nation’s Future

    Recently, I was at a Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce networking Lunch.  I heard a story about a mother’s son that brought back a specter in my past.  Like my mother, she fought to keep her son from being stereotyped and separated from the general public.  Why is this so important to Health?  The survival of those who are different.

    Ancient Greeks, Romans and Germanic tribes actually killed infants who were physically inferior.  Why?  They were useless for war.  Think about it.  I was born with a stomach blockage.  I’m glad I was born in the modern world.

    Francis Galton (a cousin of Charles Darwin) created a theory for improving the human condition through breeding.  He called it Eugenics.  This ideology also called for sterilization of those determined to be mentally or physically inferior.  Academic and Religious opposition stood against this.  Yet, today it is practiced in one of the reasons to support abortion.

    But you haven’t heard the worse...

    NAZI Germany

    The most diabolical in the use of negative eugenics were the ruling party of Germany from 1933 to 1945.  The National Socialists were called Nazis and had a leader whose policies hinged on eugenics.  Adolf Hitler didn’t sterilize mental patients or people who were deemed inferior.   He exterminated them.

    You’re going to say, “That’s an extreme example.”  Not in the least.

    You see, first you have to label someone to dehumanize them.  Once you’ve done that, you’ve given license to do whatever you want to the other person.  The Nazis used this to their advantage in experimenting on living subjects.

    But lets leave this nightmare and fast-forward to my childhood.

    My Learning Disability

    I had trouble reading in elementary school.  Other kids noticed when I wrote I turned certain letters around.  I couldn’t finish a timed test.  The teacher would say, “You didn’t study.”  By my sophomore year in high school, I was in a depression.  I tried sports to elevate myself but was to thin with a high metabolism.

    The school wanted to put me into Special Education.  My mother refused.  She took me to a psychologist to find out what was wrong.  I was diagnosed with dyslexia.

    Once I knew my problem, I could adapt.  There was my comprehending better from my listening.  Knowing what my eyes were doing and correcting it through concentrated reading.  What did it lead to?  Straight A grades.  And I stayed mainstream.

    I would later face the Special identification again.  I was attending University of Arkansas Little Rock.  A professor wanted me to attend a seminar he was holding.  His fellow academics and other guests were attending.  He was working on creating a program that would specialize for those with learning disabilities like mine.

    I surprised him.  My position stood directly against what he was trying to create.

    Defining A Life Before They Can Define Theirs

    Special is used in this case to mean the opposite – inferior.  They’re said to need focusing outside the norm.  They’re separated from general society as they’re seen as dysfunctional.  Why would anyone do this, especially to a child?  Money.

    Mainstream means helping the disabled adapt so they are a part of society.  They find ways like I did to be useful and contribute. Not be set aside.  There are programs that help children and adults do just that without separation.

    What You’re Missing

    When you think you don’t have enough time, you lose. There are great networking meetings where you:

    •  Learn something new that could help your business
    • Meet new people that could help improve your business
    • Find out about something you share in common with someone else
    • Listen to new and interesting stories that could even affect your life

    I urge you to attend more networking events, business mixers and market expos.  You have no idea what you’re missing.

    I hope to see you at one of our Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce networking lunches.  Whether a member or someone who may be interested in joining, it would be great to see you.

  • 07/13/2019 7:57 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    I spent much of May and June in Los Angeles with my father. He was admitted to hospice and transition. During that time, I was reminded of health issues and gained new insights that I want to share.

    Please tune in to this special episode of The Glen Alex Show:

  • 06/11/2019 11:03 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    Business Success and Survival Depends On the Right Mind Set

    I had arrived at a Health Expo here in Las Vegas and was looking for a business partner of mine.  A young man jumped out from behind a table at a booth.  “You need what I’ve got?”  My first question wasn’t, “What is it?”  It was, “Who are you?”

    The next thing you know, I was shoved down on a chair.  I got a first name.  That was it.  He rubbed this cream under my left eye and put a mirror in front of me.  “Notice how the skin under the eyes match now.”

    “Yeah, sure,” I said.  “Can I get up now?”

    He then pitched me that the value of the cream set was $2,000 but would sell it to me for only $400.  I told him that I couldn’t afford it right now. “For you, $200.”  I got up and left.  Why did this not work for him?  I didn’t trust him.

    Can’t trust someone you don’t know.

    Relationships 101

    Remember the Salesman who came to your door and introduced himself?  That’s known as ancient history today.

    Even in a store, sales people don’t tell you who they are.  They just walk up to you and say, “What are you looking for?” or “Is there anything you need?”  My first thought for a reply is – you guessed it – “None of your business.”  If they say, “Can I help you?” that’s a phrase from my relative family’s sales experience where I will respond, “Just looking right now.”

    The marketing being taught today is not new.  The best way to succeed, that new marketers and business owners actually go out of their way to avoid, is relational.  Why?  It’s too personal.

    My Experience With Networking

    I started out a political volunteer.  Walking door to door, phone calls, manning event booths and attending county committee meetings.  How was it?  Volatile.  There were conspiracy theories, candidate cults, polarizing groups and the worse of all – people who wanted you to help them but wouldn’t reciprocate.

    I did make some good friends.  It also led to Toastmasters.

    I networked in Toastmasters at the club and district level.  I was Club President, President’s Distinguished Area Director, and President’s Distinguished Division Director.  I have friends all over Toastmasters in different areas of business.

    Then I took my networking and speaking skills to Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  I was a cancer survivor and had family members that had bad experiences with “established medicine.”  I introduced who I was and what I was about.  I’ve given speeches explaining my profession and why personally I’m a storyteller.

    I was seeking a network, not a sale.  It was a plus if someone wanted my services.  The most I asked for was a referral.

    Getting to Know You

    No one can get to know you in a short amount of time.  Or can they?  Meeting on a regular basis cannot just get you familiar with someone but can create a bond.  Telling a story about yourself that touches the other person creates a sense of trust.  You opened up to them.  You’re serious.

    There are five elements to an introductory story:

    1.    Who you are personally and professionally.
    2.    An imperfection of yours, even if it is a little embarrassing.
    3.    A challenge you faced when trying to achieve a goal.
    4.    An epiphany you had in how to succeed.
    5.   How you succeeded.

    The first two do the most relating on a human level.

    There are three ways to network that will get you work, referrals and support.

    • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Meetings
    • Events, expos and fairs
    • Live or Video Interviews
    But I Don’t Have Time

    I suffer on time myself.  I always feel like I can’t catch up.  It’s a matter of prioritization.  Question is – What are your priorities?  Sometimes we’re doing too much.  What is it that you can move down to a lower priority to fulfill your dreams?

    You can’t succeed if you can’t manage your time.

    A Successful Mindset

    Many people think that all you need is an understanding of your product/service and its benefits.  Without a true persona and caring about who you’re marketing, you’re dead in the water before an eye hits your product.

    You need to have the following:

    • No fear of other human beings and what they think
    • Being yourself and friendly
    • A lack of desperation
    • A position of putting others before yourself
    • Scheduling your time and keeping others informed
    • Being devoted to what you believe

    Get More Acquainted and Trust

    Lets start with attending (or attending more) networking meetings and events.  Open yourself up to others and see where it gets you.  Look for me at a meeting to start.  I’m not there to judge you.  Try out your introduction and I’ll tell you how well it works.  Then you can move on to the other members.

    Networking is the way you can expand your business.  Does it happen right away?  No.  Circumstances can change for your contacts and they may have a great lead for you.

    Unfortunately, if you’re not around much or don’t show up anymore – YOU MISS OUT.  Someone important could show up at a meeting that meets what you’re looking for...and you’re not there.

    The worse Plan of Action is No Plan of Action.

    Join the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  Attend a networking event.  Members who have been away need to get back into the groove.  We miss you.

  • 06/04/2019 9:24 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    The Other Guy Down on the Corner or the Behemoth Out to Crush You

    My Grandfather had a legacy that he took over from his father-in-law.  He owned a shoe store.  No he didn’t inherit the whole store.  He had to make sales from his portion of the store and buy the other beneficiaries out to be the sole owner.  He did that with his personality and love of people.  My Grandfather was a master salesman.

    The competition – he knew them well.  He even knew who to call for a type of shoe he didn’t have.  Making sure they had the shoes in stock, grandpa would send the customer to them, and let the competitor know they were coming.

    The customer came first.  I saw that as a stock boy in my grandfather’s shoe store.

    Grandpa retired before the franchise kings came along.  The stores owned by big conglomerates posing to be independent chains would wipe out stores like his.  Sound like a conspiracy theory?  They’ve stated themselves, “Competition is bad.”

    Exploitation Lowers Costs & Quality

    Walmart has rubbed out plenty of mom and pop stores across the country that can’t compete.  This was not Sam Walton’s dream.  He wanted to help get quality to those who couldn’t afford it.  He also wanted to treat employees with value.  That was turned on its head when he died by those who took it over.

    Lower wages, reduced commissions for suppliers, and prices does make for a higher profit margin.  It also leads to inferior products and services.  How does it succeed?  By wiping out the little guys.  Buyers are psychologically conditioned to get it for less or free even if it is garbage.  The smaller business only offers quality...

    Still that quality can be enough for success.  What if that works?

    Then the behemoth will make an offer – to buy your business.  That or they’ll sabotage you on social media, Yelp, or any other place they can make a “review.”

    Look back into history with a company called Standard Oil.  Yes, to become a monopoly you have to swallow up your competition.  Except, after many monopolies were wiped out in court, they learned new tactics to make a comeback.  They created individual outlet names to make it look like separate companies.  Teddy Roosevelt would be turning in his grave.

    The super meat packing plants are back with poor standards.

    Competition or Compadre

    The little guys like you who are successful aren’t your enemy.  My grandfather proved that.  They’re your study in how to do better.  They are a resource in how to help a customer when you can’t.  They’re an ally against the monster.

    Ask these 3 questions to know who is a greater threat:

    1.    Do they have a store across the street from yours?

    2.    Are their prices unbelievably unbeatable?

    3.    Do they interact with you or are you getting a lot of mysterious negative reviews?

    Winning Over an Ally

    To resolve a problem with a smaller competitor and make him an ally, remove your own fear of him.  Get rid of any greed you have.  Start a dialogue and come to an understanding that you can actually help each other.

    Network with other business, even if they’re not like yours.  My grandfather sold shoes and was friends with the father of George Lucas (Star Wars) who sold office furniture.  They were both on the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Merchants.  You have to share interests as business owners.

    Many business owners join the Metro Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations just to be on them.  They don’t even attend meetings or events.  My Grandfather was a part of the community.

    Business is About Clout

    Who do you think has the Government and Metro Chamber of Commerce ear?  It isn’t you as an individual.  The conglomerates are far more powerful and influential.

    One example is the Commerce tax that was passed by the Nevada Legislature and Governor with the approval of the Metro Chamber of Commerce.  That infuriated its members but how many of them worked with each other to stop it.

    Don’t Have a Conglomerate Competitor?

    If you don’t know the terms Big Pharma or Franchise, you need to do your homework.

    These super companies hide their true identities well.  Their goal is to let you grow enough to buy you out or wipe you out before you can start.  It depends on how you market and what you have to offer.  You could have an exceptional product and marketing plan that succeeds beyond belief.  Then they’ll take it.

    Sounds dark, I know.  That’s why you need allies.  Don’t be on your own.

    Where to Look for Allies

    Start looking at other business, especially in your market, to engage with.  The Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce also has resources to help local business.

    Join the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  Attend a networking event.  Be a part of a community who wants true change in the way we handle health and fitness.

  • 05/22/2019 4:24 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    “Grounding can provide healing, calming and balancing effects on the physical, mental and emotional bodies.”

    Being grounded is physically achieved by touching the earth. Walking barefoot and lying on the ground, grass or sand are ways to connect to the Earth’s subtle electrical energy and amazing powers.

    Flying home from visiting my ailing father on Mother’s Day, I was awestruck. My father’s condition is tenuous, day-to-day. It makes for sleepless nights and worrisome days. While visiting my father and interacting with him in person provided some solace because his personality is totally intact, the physical debility is very difficult to see.

    So on this flight, I didn’t sleep as usual. I pride myself on being an excellent plane sleeper, sitting upright…so good! Yet, this time I remained awake and was absolutely privileged to see what I saw.

    From my window seat, I gazed upon the most majestic images ever. A pier with the setting sun in the near distance. Clouds hovering above mountains with the setting sun in the background. More than a wing and a prayer. This was much, much bigger.

    Connection to everything. 20,000 feet above earth, I was connected to my higher power, God, or whatever name you attach to the One. Gratitude flooded my being from spirit to soul to body, evoked by my awe and wonder of the cosmos.

    I wasn’t grounded in the traditional sense, yet I was fully connected to the Earth. Connected to All. Everything I experienced, felt, remembered, endured, and foresaw was all wrapped in a warm blanket, reminding me that I am not alone. We are not alone, ever. And everything will be okay. So comforting.

    Glen Alex, LCSW, Author, Coach

  • 05/13/2019 3:12 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    Are you pregnant with water? Professional and recreational athletes are well aware of the importance of hydration. They know that inadequate consumption of water and electrolytes can result in muscle cramps, diminished performance, and other negative physical consequences. I’ve witnessed tennis friends suffer severe leg cramps and nearly pass out from dehydration. Even spectators at outdoor activities fall out from dehydration.

    The body needs hydration, “to be impregnated with water” to function properly. While the physical demand is greater for athletes and even physically demanding jobs like construction, lay persons need proper fluid intake too. Even though you may not work outside, lift weights, or run marathons, your cells and muscles require water, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other nutrients too for optimal functioning on the daily.

    My father was recently hospitalized because his heart rate was above 150 at the same time his diastolic blood pressure was 36. After test results of every system were within normal limits, my father’s doctor narrowed the cause down to dehydration. He simply was not eating enough food nor drinking enough fluids to nourish, hydrate, his body. Consequently he felt weak, lethargic, and dizzy, rendering him unable to effectively perform normal daily activities.

    One of my massage clients sought treatment for constant headaches that onset suddenly as the weather warmed. Most of her labs were normal too, except for fluids and electrolytes. She was dehydrated. Once she implemented physician recommendations to replenish, the headaches resolved.

    Other symptoms of dehydration include extreme thirst, fuzzy thinking, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, dark urine, confusion, and dry mouth, lips, eyes and skin. Dehydration is no joke!

    Hydration is important for everyone for normal functioning. And even more so with increased activity, stress, and warmer weather. So consult your primary healthcare provider or a licensed nutritionist for guidance if necessary and impregnate yourself with water.

    People often don't hydrate enough - they don't drink enough water. One will see marked improvement in their overall wellness, in their skin tone, even in their hair, if they hydrate enough.
    --David Kirsch

    Glen Alex, LCSW, Author, Speaker, Health & Wellness Coach
    The Glen Alex Show | |

  • 04/20/2019 7:59 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    We don’t know the day nor the hour of transition. The exact moment of death is beyond human awareness. Until the moment arrives. Up to that point, however, it is imperative we plan ahead to unburden family. You may be thinking that only the elderly or infirm should do so.

    You would be wrong. Young and healthy people die too. I know a few individuals younger than 60 who died from cardiac arrest, aneurysm, suicide, accidents, and unnatural causes. Thus, advanced directives are crucial for all adults.

    Providing loved ones with clear direction about health care choices, end of life issues, and the division of assets is the healthy thing to do. No, it does not signal giving up. Instead, an advanced directive will definitely minimize the anguish of making decisions that directly impact another person’s lifeline and vitality. You may be thinking this is a morbid subject.

     You would be wrong again. Advanced directives are not about dying. They are about living. About the carrying out of your life wishes when you can no longer speak for yourself. Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney are tools that provide for living the last moments of life well, on your terms.

    Is there a higher form of health than that? I’m not sure there is. Facing mortality and being clear about how you want your life to end indicate strength, mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health, and are admirable. Not only does establishing an advanced directive indicate realism about the finite time we have on earth, it’s also about loving those charged with making critical decisions so much that you choose to lessen their fears, sadness, and hesitations when it’s time to do the best thing for you.

    Prepare now to transition your way before the day, the hour arrives.

    Printable Advanced Directives by state:

    Glen Alex, LCSW, Author, Coach

  • 04/09/2019 8:51 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    It’s In You and You Don’t Even Acknowledge or Use It

    I was going over a leadership project in Toastmasters when I asked the question, why am I this leadership type.  I was using my leadership abilities in certain areas but not all.  Why not?  Because I didn’t recognize it or I thought the reason was too private.  It would expose my inner self and leave me vulnerable.  That’s exactly what I needed to be...

    Vulnerability wins others over.  It shows them you’re human.  It shows you care.

    My Formative Childhood

    When I was five years old, I would listen to my parents late at night – yelling at each other in the living room or kitchen.  I wondered what would happen to my family.

    After two more years, my dad left.  He told me I was the man of the family now.  It was a curse.

    I became a worrier.  My mother was horrible with personal finances (and she was a bookkeeper).  She made bad decisions, especially with men.  But the worse was when she was in a car accident.  Me, my younger brother and sister were placed into separate foster homes for six months (no relative wanted to deal with my problem child brother).

    On my 10th birthday, I sat in the back seat of a small car with my sister and brother huddled against me.  A social worker took us out one by one to our temporary homes.  My brother was first.  He turned to me and said, “Don’t let her take me.”  I said, “It’ll be okay.”  I didn’t know that but I wanted to believe it.

    I was dropped off last.  When I saw my new room, I dove face down onto my bed and sobbed...because I had failed my family.

    Resulting Behavior

    Whenever I went on events like Church Camp or a field trip, I was given spending money.  I always brought all of it back.  I was concerned for my family.  If my mother needed some kind of help, I gave it to her.  I became the one she could depend on.  I didn’t want to fail again.

    Through the rest of my life I would want to do right by others.  My motto became: I don’t want to let anyone down.

    It also lead to me being taken advantage of.  I would learn this the hard way.

    I served in the United States Navy.  I took my oath seriously, especially since I had veteran family.  I became dedicated to my country and fellow servicemen.  This would also be my way in civilian work.

    The Cancer Crisis

    On February 13, 2016, I went into surgery for facial cancer.  Earlier that week I had been putting my affairs in order – in case I would die.  Then something inside me said, “NO!”  I had friends and family who needed me.  My mother and brother were gone and my sister would be without me (her closest family).

    It was rough – 12 hours of surgery – but I survived.

    My goal was to work with others to achieve a better life for them even more than myself.  This not only gives me purpose but a better feeling about myself.

    What’s This Got Do With Business?

    You need to be true to yourself if you are going to communicate with potential customers.  Otherwise, they’re going to sense that you’re not who you say you are and mistrust your product/service.

    You’ve got to let them know – you’re not just out for their money.

    Marketing means reaching people.  They have dreams, desires, values, flaws and a need for human connection.  The latter being king.  Because of this they can risk damage.  The consequences to making the wrong contacts are – mistrust, resentment, depression and isolation.

    Have you ever in your life had to move from place to place, home to home, school to school.  I had when my mother got into the financial trouble.  I had to try and make new friends.  But some of the new kids I came across were just evil.  Which lead to early isolation.

    Imagine a business gaining someone’s trust and then burning them.  Now you’re job to market them got that much harder.

    If you market like many of your competition, you’ll get little results.  You’re not winning their trust.  They want to know if you’re for real.  Are you a person who cares about them and not some slickster?

    How do you do that?  By opening yourself up and being vulnerable.  My family members in sales knew how to win customers with relating and gaining trust.

    So what is the missing ingredient you refuse to use that will make your business successful?

    You actually know what it is but are too guarded to take it out.

    Communicating Your Basic Self

    It’s the center of who you are.  Your values, hopes, fears, and strongest beliefs are what make up your core.  But you see all this as PRIVATE and don’t communicate.

    The façade can always be yanked away suddenly because it’s not really you.  “Who can relate to someone as inferior as the real me?”  A real person sees themselves as just as inferior.  They’re desperate for contact with someone who isn’t perfect.  You’ve been taught by phonies (with their own inferiority/superiority complexes) to be like them.

    I’ve been through many of these sham courses.  Haven’t you?

    Break the deceit and be you with all the mistakes.  Make yourself human to be the hero.  Be you.

    “You” Marketing

    It’s time to start a new type of marketing that’s not new.  When you tell a story, give an example, or talk to your customer like someone you know – care about them.  Let them know you’re in this for them.

    That doesn’t mean a discount offer.  It means a communication relationship.  You’d be surprised that even the most trivial subject matter keeps them interested, as long as you are you.

    Make a future or current customer a friend for life today.

    Join the Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  Share your personal story and expertise.

  • 03/31/2019 4:30 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    I am distraught.

    The murder of a female college student, Samantha Josephson, is unnerving. Apparently she got into the car that police postulate she mistook for the Uber she requested. It was not.

    I believe in and adore the best of humanity--our profound capacity to give and love. However, I’ve seen many examples of human depravity. Growing up working poor in Los Angeles (no, not South Central—a media misnomer) and Clinical Social Work have exposed me to just how hurtful people can be. Samantha’s murder exemplifies the wickedness within because a decent human being would have told her about the mistake and let her out of the car.

    The seeming collision of coincidences that led to this crime of opportunity are frightening. Samantha requested an Uber. The murderer arrived about the time and in the vehicle she expected. She got in his car. He took advantage.

    I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Ever. I’ve used ride share frequently and have had a handful of hiccups. However, my life was never in danger. And I am hopeful that the safety steps I employ will help keep you safe.

    1. Verify the make, model, and license plate # of the car before getting in
    2. Compare the driver's face and name to the driver profile in the app
    3. Sit in the back seat on solo rides
    4. Share my ride with others via the app so they can see where the car is at all times
    5. Keep my phone handy and the app open just in case

    Because of technology, ride share is safer than cabs. So let’s not give criminals the opportunity to harm us. Be aware and stay safe!

    Glen Alex, author of Living In Total Health, host of The Glen Alex Show, and health & wellness coach. Visit for more information.


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