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Conceptual Marketing Part I

12/03/2019 6:36 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

Starting With The Product

It’s more than “What is it?” and “What does it do?”

My sister went to a house party for a network-marketing product – weight loss coffee.  Julie is a sales professional in an office furniture and supply company.  She has served people since she worked in restaurants at a young age all the way to manager.  The daughter of a master salesman and granddaughter of two business owners, my sister knows her business.

My sister is also a tad overweight.  She asked the people running the meeting, “Where’s your product?”

A squirrely woman answered, “It’s not about the product.  It’s about the business.”

My sister walked out.  Our family has been in the network marketing business since I was a kid.  Julie knew that what makes a networking business successful is an exceptional product and distributors that understood how to convey it.

My late grandmother sold Amway.  But her key product, leading to any other up-sell, was SWIPE.  It was an all-purpose cleaner that wiped out any stain.  She knew what it was and demonstrated what it could do.  But there was also a vision.  She would lay out the benefits of what they could accomplish with that squirt bottle that made them feel they had to have it.

One of my cousins stockpiled her garage with Amway products and was always able to liquidate it, until they shipped products directly.  She was a moneymaker because she could create the same vision with each product.  My mother was in Tupperware.  My uncle was in so many companies we called him the family King of Network Marketing.

Without the products that move the company, network marketing is a scam.

The Evolution of a Revolution

It’s not just network marketing companies with a greedy and ignorant up-line.  Traditional mail order and brick and mortar companies have the same problem.  No one trying to move the product is excited about it.  Not even the owner.  He feels that it should sell itself.  If not, he seeks a bale out.

You need to know your product to convey its value.

“I know it’s a squirt bottle with a formula cleaner...”

No!  It’s more than that.  It has to be emerging.  Different than what your competition has.  Something that will change the life of your prospect.  That’s what a revolution does.  It creates change.  That change keeps evolving into a better experience and an improved you.

How does one measly little product do that?  And how does one product lead to the sale of more products?  That first key product becomes the forerunner of gaining your customer’s trust.  For a product to do all that, you have to gain believers.

An American Legend in Marketing

The worse and yet the best example is that Old West scoundrel – the Snake Oil Salesman.

We’re talking about one of the biggest scammers in American History.  Yet, he knew his product even if it was a fake.  The key to moving his elixir was getting people to believe.  He had every feature, every benefit, every scenario (story) that could have someone imagining what it could do for them.  Yes he even made up testimonials.

He knew what those people wanted and created something – that wasn’t real but sold.

There was no up-sell after that as he left town before getting caught.  But could you imagine this.  What could happen if the product really does what your customer wants?  Then it sells itself over and over again.  That’s where the up-sells come in.  If they’re just as effective, they sell over and over again.

The Snake Oil Salesman’s method is brilliant.  Unfortunately, he’s a scammer because there is no real product.  Do you truly know your product?  You have one key product that can lead to your own success.

It’s time to map out what your product is...

Your 7 Point Product Breakdown

There is more than, “What is it?” and “What does it do?”  You have to line up in your mind how it can change your prospect’s life and make him a believer.  Not just with getting him to buy but using your product to gain his trust with its success.

Here is your list for convincing yourself in your mind first:

  1. What makes up your product? – it’s origin, ingredients and reason for it coming into being.
  2. What exactly in detail does it do? – knowing the basics that can be expounded on into a bigger dream.
  3. What are the features, key and supporting, that make it work?
  4. What are the benefits for your customer? – Not just results but how they change your customer’s life.
  5. What has it done for you and why do you love it? – Can’t answer the question?  Don’t sell the product.
  6. How has it helped anyone else? – The stories of others will not only inspire you but your prospects.
  7. Do you believe in it? – Those that do are excited and build excitement in others.

Product Interest Game Plan

Do you know anyone who sells a product they don’t use?  I’ve known a lot of them.  Most have failed.  Why?

They don’t care and only want to make a buck.

They don’t even have the resolve to work like the Snake Oil Salesman.  They hope the product, whatever it is, will sell itself.  It’s not just being lazy.  It’s not believing.  How do you become a believer?  By using the product you own or sell.  You are your own best testimonial.

Remember the Hair Club For Men President?  He was also a client.  He used the product and loved the change it made for him.  His desire was to help other balding men regain their hair.  Not only regain their hair – but regain their attraction, masculinity, and youth.  Believing in your product is powerful.  That’s what makes your prospect believe.

Do you believe in your product?  Can you believe in your product?  If the answer is no, stop reading this blog.

The Prophet of Your Product

Every major religion, every major business, every major cause organization uses belief.  You have to believe yourself what your product can do for others.  You don’t have to stand on a mountain and yell.  You now have You-Tube.  But you do have to feel strongly about your product.

The next time you want to test your own belief, talk to a friend or family member.  See how they react?  Be yourself but don’t be afraid to be animated.  Don’t be afraid to express your true feelings.  Don’t think to yourself that loving your product is corny.  Say to yourself, “It’s worth it, it’s worth it, it’s worth it.”

Need someone else to test on?  Come to a Chamber networking event.  We’re always there to help each other.

I was with a friend of mine when he approached a sales associate in Office Depot.  He asked him where he could find designed paper for resumes.  The sales associate said, “I have no idea.”  He then walked off.  My friend didn’t let it go.  He reported the guy to the store manager, who apologized.  The sales associate was later fired.

Don’t get yourself fired or fire yourself.  Learn to love your product.

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