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Mainstream versus Special

08/06/2019 6:53 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

The Buzz Words That Can Decide A Child’s and A Nation’s Future

Recently, I was at a Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce networking Lunch.  I heard a story about a mother’s son that brought back a specter in my past.  Like my mother, she fought to keep her son from being stereotyped and separated from the general public.  Why is this so important to Health?  The survival of those who are different.

Ancient Greeks, Romans and Germanic tribes actually killed infants who were physically inferior.  Why?  They were useless for war.  Think about it.  I was born with a stomach blockage.  I’m glad I was born in the modern world.

Francis Galton (a cousin of Charles Darwin) created a theory for improving the human condition through breeding.  He called it Eugenics.  This ideology also called for sterilization of those determined to be mentally or physically inferior.  Academic and Religious opposition stood against this.  Yet, today it is practiced in one of the reasons to support abortion.

But you haven’t heard the worse...

NAZI Germany

The most diabolical in the use of negative eugenics were the ruling party of Germany from 1933 to 1945.  The National Socialists were called Nazis and had a leader whose policies hinged on eugenics.  Adolf Hitler didn’t sterilize mental patients or people who were deemed inferior.   He exterminated them.

You’re going to say, “That’s an extreme example.”  Not in the least.

You see, first you have to label someone to dehumanize them.  Once you’ve done that, you’ve given license to do whatever you want to the other person.  The Nazis used this to their advantage in experimenting on living subjects.

But lets leave this nightmare and fast-forward to my childhood.

My Learning Disability

I had trouble reading in elementary school.  Other kids noticed when I wrote I turned certain letters around.  I couldn’t finish a timed test.  The teacher would say, “You didn’t study.”  By my sophomore year in high school, I was in a depression.  I tried sports to elevate myself but was to thin with a high metabolism.

The school wanted to put me into Special Education.  My mother refused.  She took me to a psychologist to find out what was wrong.  I was diagnosed with dyslexia.

Once I knew my problem, I could adapt.  There was my comprehending better from my listening.  Knowing what my eyes were doing and correcting it through concentrated reading.  What did it lead to?  Straight A grades.  And I stayed mainstream.

I would later face the Special identification again.  I was attending University of Arkansas Little Rock.  A professor wanted me to attend a seminar he was holding.  His fellow academics and other guests were attending.  He was working on creating a program that would specialize for those with learning disabilities like mine.

I surprised him.  My position stood directly against what he was trying to create.

Defining A Life Before They Can Define Theirs

Special is used in this case to mean the opposite – inferior.  They’re said to need focusing outside the norm.  They’re separated from general society as they’re seen as dysfunctional.  Why would anyone do this, especially to a child?  Money.

Mainstream means helping the disabled adapt so they are a part of society.  They find ways like I did to be useful and contribute. Not be set aside.  There are programs that help children and adults do just that without separation.

What You’re Missing

When you think you don’t have enough time, you lose. There are great networking meetings where you:

  •  Learn something new that could help your business
  • Meet new people that could help improve your business
  • Find out about something you share in common with someone else
  • Listen to new and interesting stories that could even affect your life

I urge you to attend more networking events, business mixers and market expos.  You have no idea what you’re missing.

I hope to see you at one of our Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce networking lunches.  Whether a member or someone who may be interested in joining, it would be great to see you.

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