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Health Springs Eternal

03/18/2019 9:05 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

     Every Spring, there are many calls to action to engage in the liveliness of the season. Flowers are abloom, there’s an abundance of sunshine, and outdoor activities emerge.
      And here is another call to action: it’s time to spring clean the mind. Just like we clean house and discard things we no longer use or can fit, the mental spring clean is about releasing. Let go of thinking patterns that don’t serve your highest good.
      Cleansing your mind can drastically improve overall health. The burden of holding on to painful and ancient thoughts takes its toll on your energy, your sleep, your weight, your ability to relate authentically with loved ones, your ability to be present, your mood, the list goes on…

“Free your mind and the rest will follow.” Envogue

     Adopting the philosophy of Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s Shedding The Weight, the mental cleanse does not focus on “losing” anything. Rather, the mental cleanse strives to liberate self from useless thoughts and old hurts.
     The process of liberation contains valuable insights from which you can learn and grow from your experiences, make constructive adjustments, then let go and move on.
     So I invite you to use this simple framework to assist you in
freeing your mind.

Sweep away old thoughts and limiting beliefs like you sweep dirt from the floor.

Hone in on opportunities to replace pain with joy…a subtle shift in what you focus on.

Evict judgements from others.

Dust off old frustrations.

It’s time to SHED thinking patterns that don’t support you and old frustrations that hold you back from achieving your absolute best in life. Improve your health. Cleanse your mind.

Glen Alex is an author, clinical social worker, speaker, health & wellness coach, and host of The Glen Alex Show. Please visit

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