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Let The Moment In

12/15/2018 12:52 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

Are you open to the moment? Life can overshadow and overwhelm with work, family, traffic, and general chaos. We get so consumed by stuff that we fall victim to our own mental chatter and lose sight of now.

Driving, you miss your turn because you’re thinking about what you have to do when you arrive rather than the road. You say something hurtful because you’re recalling a similarly uncomfortable conversation from ago, not about the person before you.

I too get bogged down with stuff—To-Dos, the calendar, messaging. So I employ daily meditation to return me to my center and evoke calm. As my friend Kelley says when I lose my way on the tennis court, “Find your chi.” My chi resides in meditation and downtime.

I credit such activities with positioning me mentally and emotionally to let the moment in, at times seemingly random. I witness magic happening. And I reconnect with the depth of existence.

On a recent flight to Salt Lake City, I saw the Oneness of all. High above the clouds, snow-draped mountains emerged over the wing with sunlight beaming from an angle that magnified the snow’s glistening. My entire being waited to exhale, emulating the bated breath in the Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive. The beauty, the power, and the sheer attractiveness of the Salt Lake landscape provoked what I profoundly know—it’s all connected. Humanity, animals, plants, planets, stars, the universe.

I was moved by mountains to tears. On an airplane. The connectedness cradled my heart then flooded me with gratitude. The reminder, the experience, and the awareness of them…ready to cry just writing this.

“Get out of your head and into your body.” This is my own mantra when my mental chatter takes hold and wrestles my attention from the present moment, which usually results in some error. Overthinking and ‘Stinkin Thinkin’ transport us to the past or to the future, neither of which we have any control over. We only control what we do now. This moment.

And what glorious moment I witnessed just by being present. Being open to the moment. Magic and glorious moments available for you to behold as well.

Meditate. Be present. Get out of your head and into your experience.

Let the moment in.

Glen Alex is author of Living In Total Health, Health & Wellness Coach, and Humanitarian. Please visit to learn more about her.

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