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How to Trust Your Gut Part I

11/20/2018 6:31 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

A Sick Feeling About Food Before You Eat It

Wish I could apologize to my younger brother who is now gone.  He had an aversion to certain foods.  There would be a fuss whenever told, “You have to eat it.”  I used it to pick on him mercilessly.  That’s what siblings do.  Did I have an aversion?  Yes, I did.  But my critical focus was on him during our childhood.

He hated green peas, tomatoes and spinach.  The list goes on but he loved similar foods that were puzzling.  Broccoli was a favorite of his.  It didn’t make sense to me.  I thought he was just contrary and a troublemaker.

My mother introduced me to a plant growing in a backyard – rhubarb.  I thought it looked disgusting.  My mother told me it would taste delicious.  I said, “There is no way that is going in my mouth.”  I can’t explain why I felt that way.  I would change my mind if I tried it, right?  I never would.  The reason would come in a book I just recently read (that later).

Could just looking at or tasting before it hits your stomach tell you that something could be bad for you to eat?

Even Something Good Could be Bad

We love to generalize about people and their behavior.  We also love to generalize what food is good for us.  Your biochemistry is as unique as your DNA.  There are things you may be allergic to that others aren’t.  There are things that don’t sit well in your stomach.  But it tastes so good to everyone else.  Your excuse when dogged about it?  “I have a sensitive stomach.”

Never mind the fact you probably never ate it.

A reaction from eating something is one thing.  A foreboding feeling that something may be bad to eat seems ridiculous.  But there are many things today we take into consideration that were thought silly years ago.

The Allergen List Grows

The questions my mother and I got from seeing doctors in the sixties and seventies was about typical allergies with eggs, milk and nuts.  I was suffering sinus problems back then but it was not from a substance.  I’ll explain later.  But since the advent of new farming techniques, shelf life preservatives, and flavor enhancers, the list of allergens are rising.

My sister has always been allergic to corn syrup.  It makes her break out with cold soars.  There are so many other cases of weird reactions I’ve heard.  But if someone feels they can’t eat something, how can you insist they do themselves harm?

This critical narrative needs to stop.  You need to respect someone for a quirk on a food.  There could be a reason.

Blood Type Diet Revelation

Yes, I read Eat Right Four (4) Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo.  I scoffed at some of it at first.  Until, I realized how my doctors had advised me according to this.  I’m an A+ and am more inclined to fruits and vegetables.  Getting off red meat and dairy changed my life dramatically.  There were also fruits and veggies I needed to avoid.  But the biggest surprise...

The book told me to avoid Rhubarb.

There were some disappointments in the book but I’ve been following it.  I realize there is more to how my body deals with certain foods than I could ever imagine.  Reading this book or any other articles you find online in WebMD, etc. could open your eyes to why you have an aversion to certain foods.

Psychosomatic Reaction

Here’s where biochemistry gets messed up from the mind.  Allergies aren’t just caused by a substance but an event.

Back to my mother and I.  As a kid my nose was getting overstuffed, hard to breath.  My doctor did tests, talked with me, then talked with my mother privately.  He told her I had no allergies.  “What’s wrong with him,” she asked.  The doc leaned over his desk and snapped, “You’re stressing him out.”  My mother was horrible with personal finances and taste in men.

My mother herself had an aversion to orange juice I made fun of.  Until, she told me why.  My grandmother slipped castor oil into her orange juice as a child.  I never bagged her about orange juice ever again.

Trust Your Gut Reaction to Food

When a feeling comes over you that it may be something bad, even if it tastes good, trust it.  We trust when there is a physical reaction and usually don’t return to it.  Yet you may be doing yourself a favor by not trying it at all.  Call it a biological compass if you wish.  There’s no harm in being careful compared to not wanting to miss out and then suffering for eating it.

Do not be intimidated by others.  I tried that with my brother and it didn’t work.  One good thing for him.

Don’t be critical of others yourself.  Be understanding no matter how strange it may seem to you.  What’s the harm?  You don’t want to feel responsible for them getting sick or possibly dying.

The next time you are introduced to something new just say, “I’m doing a gut check.”

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