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The Hollywood Cliff Hanger

10/23/2018 9:55 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

Be A Dynamic Influence That’s Never Forgotten

My friend Steve had an acting career that was starting to take off.  Calls came in for all kinds of roles in film and television projects.  His dream was to be a romantic lead, a movie star with a huge following.  Steve was reading scripts on and off camera with incredibly attractive women.  His future was bright until...

Steve was walking out of a restaurant with a beautiful actress on his arm when approached by two robbers.  He didn’t take them seriously.  But this wasn’t a movie and he wasn’t a hero.

Shot in the elbow, Steve rehabilitated for a year out of town.  When Steve came back to Hollywood so he could resume his acting career, no one remembered him.  His agent had to ask a number of questions to recognize him.

Steve had to start over.

Visibility Keeps You In The Game

Have you had to start over with your profession or business?  Were you away for awhile?  You don’t have to be.  You could be running an ad or marketing campaign that never changes and gains nothing.  Maybe you hardly have it out there because advertising costs.  Whatever the reason, you’re lack of changing your marketing content so it’s fresh – can make you invisible.

By the time you do have a winning campaign put together, you have to find new customers.

If something happens to you or your business, how do you regain your edge in the market?  By being unforgettable.

No Forgetting the Likeable

Weekly television series have a formula that they got from movies in the 1930’s called “Serials.” Many successful shows have used it from Soap Operas to Situation Comedies to Dramatic Series.  It’s called the Cliff Hanger.

Nobody cares what happens to you, unless you mean something.  You have to be like a close friend or family member.  How do you achieve that? Likeability.  In the movie “Sea of Love,” Al Pacino plays a cop who eventually investigates serial killings with a sexy woman suspect. Who cares?  You do when you see the second scene of the movie.

Pacino’s character is about to spring a sting with his fellow detectives.  They are in a gym with tables set up to register guests who were sent a flyer.  The event is a supposed meeting with star athletes.  The attendees are criminals with outstanding warrants. One man comes in with his son, a boy.  What does Pacino’s character do?

He tries to get them to leave so the father isn’t arrested in front of the son.  That’s likeability.

Successful television shows build this relationship with their audience.  Successful movie sequels happen because of their audience investing their emotions into those key characters.  Your business could do this.

It Can Be An Addiction

Now that you care, how does the Cliff Hanger work?  Conflict is what moves a story.  Every time there is a debacle, you want to see the resolution.  Story telling is built on this.  It’s what moves you from scene to scene, situation to situation.  But stop the story without the resolution and you go nuts. Remember this: To Be Continued.

Now you have to care to come back next week, right?  There has to be an emotional investment.

How are you going to make yourself or your business likeable?  By honestly relating to your ideal customer with their key emotion in mind.  By spelling it out for them so they are not confused.  Once you hook them knowing who they are and what their problem is, it’s time to give them your solution.  Once successful...

Where’d You Go?

That’s right if you’re missing and they like you – they’re going to ask.  Wow!  That makes a person alone feel wanted, imagine a company.  So it’s creating that likeability with some drama to keep them interested and coming back.

Not The Change You Want

My friend Steve revived his career but not as a star.  He had to settle for character roles.  He got acting jobs.  Just not the ones he dreamed of and used to get.  Steve now sees himself as second rate in his profession.

Is that what you want?

Renew your marketing content today.  Stay current.  Make yourself likeable so that in the event of a Cliff Hanger...

They’ll want to find out what happened to you.

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