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Who is Your Website Talking To?

09/14/2018 8:27 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

An Audience of One and Not the World

I was watching a protégé of mine in Toastmasters.  His dream is to be a motivational speaker.

He was giving a speech about how no matter your difficulties in life (and he had big ones) you can survive and succeed.  The subject was interesting and well organized.  His personal story of surviving abuse was moving.  The problem was delivery.

He spoke convincingly but didn’t focus on his audience.  His eyes went over their head, down to the floor, up to the ceiling, shifting side to side without moving his head.  I knew part of it was his thinking.  But he didn’t make eye contact with each member watching him.

I asked him after the speech, “Who were you talking to?”  The question startled him.  “Everybody.”

I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of websites that do the same thing.  Is your website speaking to “Everybody.”  Many companies get stuck on talking about themselves – their accomplishments, their quality, their unique product or service. They don’t focus on their audience because they’re speaking to “Everybody.”

First Question: Who’s Your Buyer?

You may have a product or service that has a broad market.  They more than likely don’t all think the same.  But they have one thing in common, a desire that needs to be met.  You need to put together that one commonality and focus it on one persona.

You need to sound like you’re talking to one person.  Why?  It’s personal.

Put yourself in their shoes.  If someone had something to tell that was personal to you, would you want him speaking to “everybody?”  Puts you off, doesn’t it?

2ndQuestion: How Well Do You Know the Guy?

Do you talk to your close friends or family in general?  No!  Would you talk that way to someone who needs help?  I hope not.  You’re trying to inform them.  You care about them. You want them to have the right result.  Get to know your prospect.  Figure out that one ideal customer you’re trying to get across to.

The one person with the biggest problem you want to solve.  He will buy from you, more than once.  Figuring out who he is three dimensionally and what he is suffering from or badly wants is key.  Otherwise, you’ll be pitching to a lot of people who just don’t care. That’s a waste of money.

What Do You Want Them To Do?

Here is why most company websites are stuck on who they are.  They don’t know how to ask.  They don’t know who they’re talking to or what that person wants. They have an idea but that’s all. Which is why they talk to “Everybody.”

I am a Distinguished Toastmaster, President’s Distinguished Division and Area Director.  I got there by knowing how to work with people as a team and individually in leadership.  I got there by knowing how to speak to an audience.  Yes, I can project (I used to act). What I found most important in my training was interpersonal speaking both on and off stage.

I got more from talking with them (him) than at them (him).  One persona focus works.

Does your website talk to “Everybody?”  It’s time for an update.

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