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The Picture of Unhealth

09/04/2018 6:57 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)
The Picture of Unhealth

Sometimes, it is difficult to conceive just what health is, so looking at the opposite may be helpful. Following is a story to illustrate the difference. 

I went to the post office recently to pick up the mail I had placed on hold during my trip to Paris. The representative at the window was a middle-aged man of large stature. He had a cane and inhaler, and his breathing was labored. He stood on the cane because he said his back hurt when he sat.

When I told him what I needed and presented the printed confirmation of the hold, he was taken aback. After a stint of silence and staring at the paper he said, “Your carrier will probably deliver it to you today.”

“I specifically requested to pick it up,” I replied.

“Are you doing mail pick up today?” he shouted to another rep who was a few windows down and with another customer.

“No, working the counter today,” the man replied.

“Guess I better go get it,” said my rep.

After a few exasperated and deep breaths with the inhaler, he grabbed his cane and ambled off. He returned many minutes later, empty-handed, saying he couldn’t find my mail and suggested that I come back the next day.

“I can’t,” I said. “I work eleven-hour days for the next three days. I place my mail on hold several times per year and always pick it up.”

“Okay,” he replied. “Guess I can check another area.”

He lumbered off in a different direction and finally returned with my mail, expressing his displeasure with the carrier for having put the mail in another location. I thanked him and left.

Throughout the encounter with this rep, I vacillated between leaving without my mail, waiting for another rep to make his day easier, or holding him to his job description. I empathized with the difficulty he must have experienced not being able to breathe, walk, or sit normally or comfortably.

Then my rationale and knowledge about health matters kicked in and I recognized that because he was at work, he and his supervisor must have believed that he was fit enough to perform his job duties. I also wondered what he could have done to be in better health, long before this day. I wish people would be more proactive with their health so they can experience life with minimal pain, discomfort, and medication.

That is wellth!


The Picture on UnHealth is an excerpt from Glen's book, Living In Total Health. Please visit for more information about Glen and Living In Total Health.

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