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5 Reasons For Good Content on Your Website

08/30/2018 6:38 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

Your Online Headquarters Needs to Speak to Your Ideal Customer

I know, you explain in detail about your company and what it can do on your home page.  That’s not enough.  Somebody came to your site looking for how you could help.  She left after a few moments because she could find nothing that related to her.

A web designer makes your website into eye candy.  Without the words to convey what your reader needs and how you can help, it’s just another pretty online stop.  You need effective Web Copy.

You can’t afford an image overloaded website that says nothing.  Many company websites talk to a broad audience.  Why?  Because they don’t know their ideal prospect or want everyone (including those who will never be interested) to buy.  If you are practicing this, you’re wasting too much money.

This is why you need good content on ALL your web pages:

1. Grabbing attention to your company and product/service

2. Hooking her to reading more of what you’re about and promising

3. Providing Proof and Credibility to your product/service claims

4. Reversing risk to get them off the fence

5. Closing the Sale or Getting them into the Cart

I hope these reasons are important to you.  All of them increase your odds of grabbing a new customer.  Here’s how...

Read Me - Now

Attracting your ideal reader/future customer is key.  Not everyone is going to need your product.  Yet, why are so many companies talking to all these people and wasting ad dollars?  Because they don’t know what they’re doing.

The images alone aren’t enough.  You have to make your headline speak to her directly.  That’s what gets her to stop and take a look at what you have to offer.

Know Thy Customer

You need to speak to that one person, like you’re right there in an intimate conversation with her.  Have everything about her at hand.  Be ready for what to say and how to say it.  This will give her the notion that you actually care.

Relate to her on her biggest problem.  Empathy is powerful.  You know what she is going through or you wouldn’t be providing the product/service.  Starting out with a story is even more effective.  You can use a powerful event that gets sympathy or a weird situation that disarms with humor.  The purpose is to make that connection.

For Real?  Prove It

Winning her over with facts, figures and prior results help cement trust.  But it still has to be presented correctly.  Does it apply to your ideal customer?  Does it cover any doubts?  You have to answer the most glaring objections.  Research data has to be presented in plain language.  Testimonials from prior customers have to be similar to your reader’s voice.

You need to gain her belief in your product/service.

Nah, Don’t Waste My Money

Many companies don’t offer a guarantee or it’s week if they do.  They are afraid of freebie seekers will take advantage of them.  Let me be blunt.  You’re not going to rid the world of freebie seekers.  Those who take advantage of your guarantee, you’re able to eliminate and not deal with again.

You want remove your best buyers fear – so she gets to know you.  And keep buying.

Have I Got A Deal For You

The most important content next to your Headline on your Home Page is your OFFER on your Sales Page.  Some will not read all of your content and are ready to check out what you’re offering.  You have to repeat all of the above content in a short summary.  Then your offer covers the deal you are making to get her to either give an email address or buy.

The offer must be even more convincing.  You want her to act.  Right?  Great web copy will get her to do just that.

I suggest you don’t put in the following information:

  • Hard Selling – Salesy content can chase your reader away as your being obvious
  • Poor quality videos that slow down your page and start before the viewer is ready
  • Unrelated material (even affiliates outside your market) that confuses your reader

Your content needs to be on topic, without distractions, and speak directly to your one ideal new customer.

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