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  • 05/23/2020 8:29 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    If the word “mindfulness” conjures up thoughts of sitting in silence with mind empty, then you’re on the right track. Meditation can quiet the mind’s chatter, relegate the mind’s stream of consciousness to an attachment-free film strip, and deepen insight. Whether you use breathing techniques, mantras, movements, or guides in your practice, meditation brings about a profound sense of peace, relaxation, and the gift of connection. Yes, mindfulness is closely related with meditation.

    “Mindfulness and meditation embody many similarities and can overlap, but the terms are not exactly interchangeable.”                                                 

    There is, however, another type of mindfulness of which I write. Self-awareness. Not to be confused with self-absorption or egocentrism nor any form of negative selfishness, self-awareness is being attuned to your thoughts, feelings, and actions--knowing what you experience internally and do at any given moment. This is not a trick! Every human being has the innate ability to tune in introspectively. Yet, not all do.

    Many people are not self-aware, not present to their own experiences. Mindlessness is pervasive. It is attending to every little thing or nothing with a blank mind or being overwhelmed with mental prattling. If you have ever driven somewhere and could not remember the drive, then you were mindless. This has happened with me and I am thankful that I didn’t hurt myself or anyone else. If you have ever been told that you said or did something yet did not recall doing so, then you were mindless at that time too. Andy Bernay-Roman called mindlessness a trance state in The Mind/Body Connection. 

    “…in the trance state, “vegging” out and living unconsciously, the brain disengages from the senses and tunes into its own archive, the past. So today’s reactions are fueled by yesterday’s experiences. Which can be problematic, obviously. As with “choosing well,” the past need not control today’s decisions.”                                               --Living In Total Health

    Let me share my personal experience. My life’s work is about health because I believe healthy people—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—are more loving, more genuine, and less likely to intentionally harm self or others. It all began in childhood with boundaries. I was so enthralled by the nuance of interaction and took keen mental notes of when people smiled, when they cringed, and when emotional pain consumed their faces.

    Boundaries came more into play as a teenager. The youngest of 10, I realized that healthy boundaries are crucial for personal health, wellbeing, and relationships, and learned to say "no" after experiencing mounting frustration from being taken advantage of by elders. I moved from watching to learning to experiencing to teaching matters of health.

    During my health journey, I made conscious decisions about how I want to be treated and how I would treat others. Just saying so wasn’t enough, however. We all have said we would do something and it never materialized. Affirmative action required to meet the stated goal was missing. In order to live up to my personal commandments, I programmed myself to be aware of when I fell off my behavioral wagon.

    It was a bit rough in the beginning, as I had to walk on awareness eggshells until the habit formed. When it did, by my late teens, I could pretty much recall words and phrases and actions that I delivered, in pretty much any situation. The level of self-awareness I carry daily is high, which requires a lot of energy. And totally worth the personal cost because being authentic and responsible and positively impacting humanity are external manifestations of my Personal Truth, my purpose. 

    Side note – my self-imposed self-awareness elevated my kinesthetic awareness as well. Not only am I aware of what my body is doing in space, I’m also attuned to what it is doing internally. During the initial visit with my new dentist at the time, I told him about my symptoms and treatments and responses and timelines in such a way that he called me a “genius” because of my connectedness to my existence. 

    My call to you is to take this one of many opportunities that the global health crisis offers to grow, ignoring all the political agendas. You can become mindful. Allow unhealthy and useless habits to fall away. Touching your face with dirty hands, quick wipe downs, no wipe down, saving time by not washing hands, sneezing and coughing openly are automatic behaviors that need to be laid to rest now and quite frankly should’ve been eons ago. For your own health. For the health of those around you.

    Every challenge is married to the opportunity for personal growth. Seize this moment to start living consciously, mindfully. Eliminate automatic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that endanger your health and that of those you love. Your past is not your present and need not control your choices. Mindful self-awareness puts you in charge of what you think, feel, and do. Reprogram yourself to become more self-aware. The benefits will extend beyond this crisis.

    Humanity needs you to be mindful. Now is that time.


    Glen Alex, LCSW, Author of Living In Total Health, Health Skills Coach, Speaker

    Need assistance coping with boundaries, stress, relationships, or recovering from a setback? 

    Book your complimentary Discovery Call now:

  • 05/10/2020 8:45 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    I didn’t mean for that to happen. It wasn’t my intention for

    Have you or anyone you know ever utter these words? Probably. Most of us don’t actually weigh the possible outcomes when we make decisions. We only see what we want, which comes at a cost. But alas, what price?

    Every choice yields positive, negative, or neutral consequences. Every choice. Oh, and a yes to one thing is a no to another. It’s just a matter of being clear about the potential results and accepting your responsibility in bringing them about. Because if you only focus on what you want or have to have, then you leave the door wide open for yourself and others to be harmed. And I wonder if you took the time to weigh the probabilities, would you make that decision anyway?

    This is so true for the current global health crisis. Yes, the pandemic required an immediate and effective response from leaders. Hence the world shutdown with shelter in place (SIP), business closures, and social distancing. Many believe that these measures have reduced exposure, slowing down the rate of new infections and the number of deaths.

    After about two months of the shutdown and the declining numbers, many people are still afraid of catching a virus that most will recover from, about 98% of active cases are mild and don’t require hospitalization according to And many rightfully question the continued social closures, never mind how “essential” businesses are selected. Some governments don’t even have a concrete plan for reopening.

    My question is, what about the unintended consequences of the ongoing shutdown?

    Domestic Violence
    Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a big problem. IPV includes physical violence, sexual assault, mental and emotional abuse, and stalking. And according to the CDC, current or former male partners kill nearly half of all women murdered. For the domestic violence survivors, mental health, heart, digestive, muscular, and nervous system disorders can affect them for years.

    With SIP, there is no escape. Victims cannot leave home to seek shelter, despite what Nevada’s Governor says, and are more vulnerable. Isolation is a major enabler of domestic violence. Mandatory reporters—medical providers, teachers, therapists are removed with SIP because they cannot see the bruises or get a report from those abused or provide resources for help. Increasing stress, unemployment, and sudden shifts in daily routines are also contributing factors.

    Something else to consider. Harvard University Medical School trauma expert, Judith Lewis Herman, found that domestic abusers use similar methods to kidnappers to control hostages and repressive regimes use to break the will of political prisoners to control their partners and children. Andrew Campbell reported that new cases in the United States involve the abusers not allowing their partners wash their hands, using the threat of contracting COVID as another means of control.

    Brazil reported a 40-50% increase in reports. France reported a spike of 30%. In the UK, domestic murders of women and children have doubled. In the United States, Houston police received 300 more domestic violence calls, 517 more in Charlotte, and nearly 200 more in Phoenix. Other U.S. cities that reported increased domestic violence calls include Boston, Milwaukee, Seattle, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, Utah County, Fresno County, Montgomery County, East Baton Rouge Parish, Buffalo, Sparks, Portland, Nassau County, Cherokee County, and Charleston, South Carolina.

    Child Abuse
    Child abuse is unfortunately tied to Intimate Partner Violence. About 30-60% of children who live in IPV homes are abused and/or neglected themselves, according to reported that 68% of the abuse is perpetrated by family members and more than 70% of the children who die as a result of abuse and neglect are younger than 3 years of age.

    Not only do these children experience violence first-hand, they may also witness one parent, usually mom, be victimized. The long term effects of the IPV environment involves psychological, cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral issues. And many of those abused as children are linked with future criminal activity.

    Authorities are concerned that the usual modes of reports to the police and child protective services are disrupted. Because schools and social outlets are shutdown, children are not seen by teachers, medical providers, other mandatory reporters, or even extended family. The apprehensive expectation is that when society reopens the number of new reports will be exponentially higher than the norm.

    There was a loneliness problem in the United States before the pandemic. In the age of massive technological connection via social media, more and more people experience disconnection and are lonely. That issue has worsened because of the forced social isolation from the national shutdown.

    "We've seen several suicides that we can directly attribute to the isolation from not being able to get out and move about and do the things that they normally do. They get depressed," said Bobby Parks Evans, Jr., Greenville, SC County Coroner.

    Vikram Thakura and Anu Jain wrote, “The looming economic crisis may create panic, mass unemployment, poverty and homelessness will possibly surge the suicide risk or drive an increase in the attempt to suicide rates in such patients. US already claimed a vast increase in unemployment (4.6 million) during coronavirus emergency and speculated that lockdown will cause more deaths than COVID-19 itself amid the recession. This uncertainty of time for isolation, not only demoralize but also make people feel worthless, hopeless about present and future.”

    Increased domestic violence, child abuse, and suicide are just a few of the unintended consequences of the shutdown. Lack of access to health care also comes to mind. Leaders must take them all into consideration. Reopening society will require a conscientious balancing act, weighted by keeping those most vulnerable safe from this viral scourge while allowing the healthiest to live and help those who need it.

    Glen Alex
    Author of Living In Total Health
    Host of The Glen Alex Show
    Clinical Social Worker
    Speaker & Coach

  • 04/23/2020 7:42 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    This time of year usually brings a plethora of spring cleaning tips, from everywhere. Spring is the season of rebirths and
    re-awakenings, so it is the perfect time to start over by throwing out the old and the useless. And regular physical, mental, and environmental cleanses are so important for Living In Total Health.

    In 2020, however, the current global shutdown provides new spring cleaning opportunities. Even though outdoor activities are restricted, cleansing can still be done. Must be done to brighten in-home experiences and create loving space in our psyches for when the world reopens. Stay Home orders offer a great time to detox and cleanse for better health—mental, physical, emotional, and yes spiritual, for all forces of health are interconnected and interdependent.

    Here are three ways to cleanse now for better health.

    Clean House

    This may sound like a “dah”. Of course, picking up clothes, washing dishes, and cleaning toilets are involved. Go a step further. Rid your home and living space of excess papers. I tend to keep documents long after their usefulness as hard copies. Part of my 2020 spring cleaning included an afternoon of shredding and recycling documents that I no longer need, magazines that I won’t read, and printouts that I haven’t read in a minute. My home office is now more organized, more open, and more pleasing to the eye, all of which provide mental peace.

    Get It Done

    “When I have time, I will…” was a recent social media post of mine. How many times have you said that to yourself? Many, I’m sure. And I hope the time is now. Being unable to go shopping, to dine out, or even hang out is a gift of time. Use it. Complete projects left undone. Finish reading that book. Follow up on that conversation. Because every time you think of something you didn’t finish, you add an extra layer of stress to your psyche, which trickles down to your daily life. Now is your time to get that “monkey off your back” and get it done.

    Heart Cleanse

    ”Not everyone deserves a front row seat in your life.” As a firm believer in surrounding myself with people who have my back, who genuinely support my best, I agree wholeheartedly with Susan L. Taylor. Some people are to be kept at appropriate distances. Some removed altogether. Relatives included. Life is far too short for the needless drama and chaos presented by the egocentric, those hurtful, or people who are irresponsible with my heart.

    And guess what? The gift of now is that you don’t actually have to confront anyone or even say goodbye. Social distancing is doing that for you. No need to avoid the gym or walk the other way when you see them coming. You are free, for now. So simply take a moment to reflect on who truly nurtures you. Identify those who don’t. And let them go. 

    Allow social downtime to naturally release your attachment to those relationships that stunt your growth and strengthen those that uplift you.

    For better total health, cleanse in quarantine by cleaning house, getting it done, and releasing unhealthy attachments. When the world reopens, you’ll be ready and fortified with cleanliness, esteem, and love to take on the new day.

    Glen Alex, LCSW, Author, Health Skills Coach

  • 04/07/2020 11:18 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    Unique But Relatable

    Different – But What They’re Looking For

    Take a gander at the Cuckoo Clocks above.  Each one looks almost the same.  Similar color, similar timing hands and probably the same crazy bird jumping out to say, “cuckoo.” But if you look more closely at each design – they’re unique.

    They have little figurines that are doing something different.  Each has their own roof design.

    Why wouldn’t the shop be selling more of the same thing? Because buyers have their own taste. Some customers are similar in what they want but will still have varying intricacies. You have to find that common cord inside that gene pool.  The one that drives them to purchase what they can’t pass up.

    Welcome to your Unique Selling Proposition

    This why you have to know every reason why your product is beneficial.  It’s why you have to know your key prospect inside and out. Because your proposition is based on that. The creativity now kicks into interest, sell and close. You’re creating a relationship between your product and your target audience.

    But there is no relationship without that identifying concept – which catches your quarry off guard.

    “Okay, I get it. But how am I supposed to come up with that?”

    Before you hire someone to come up with a jingle that loses more money, read this:

    The Irresistible Idea

    You’ve created the relationship.  But there has to be desire. The kind created by both need and attraction.  Sound complicated? It’s simpler than you think.

    I’m going to make another unsavory example like the snake oil salesman. The Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort. In the movie Jordan passes a pen around to his misfit pals he is trying to make into salesmen. “Sell me this pen.” Almost all of them fail except the last. He takes the pen away, then hands Jordan a piece of paper.

    “Write your name on this.”

    Jordan looks around for something to write with.

    “Oh, you don’t have a pen anymore.  Supply and demand, bro.”

    People don’t operate on just wanting something. They’re already pushed to it. Habits aren’t always given up. They’re usually replaced. There is a stronger response to losing something even before it’s gone. No one likes losing anything.

    A strong need for your product can be found. But what causes the attraction?


    Have you ever been attracted to someone who is predictable? You may have wanted to make them predictable and that’s what kills a relationship. But how many people have you seen that want something they can’t have.

    • Poor people want to be rich – making lotteries successful.
    • Rich people want to be like anybody else – making psychologist successful.
    • Middle class people are tired of paying for everything – making freebie offers successful.
    • Stupid people think paying a lot of money will educate them – making universities successful.
    • Men and women look for relationships with greener pastures – making divorce lawyers successful.

    It’s not the outcome (as many teach) that is the key interest.  It’s the method. What is it about this concept, not the product, that makes the promise – a reality.  That’s what intrigues people.

    In romance – you’re interested in how the man/woman looks, talks and carries themselves. It’s not what’s inside.  That comes later (in some cases much too later). Why? Mystery. Without sexual tension it’s not as exciting. There’s no challenge.

    Now you’ve got your formula. Need + Challenge = Attraction. There’s no desire without this formula.

    The Unique Mechanism

    Take this formula and base it on your product and prospect. Create the idea that will reel in conversions and at the same time help those you target. Still sounds like a daunting task?  Let’s use another example.

    Three boys sit at a breakfast table.  Two glare at a box of healthy serial.  Something neither wants because “healthy” tastes lousy. To prove it both are shoving a bowl full of the cereal the other’s way. “I’m not gonna try it, you try it.”

    “I’m not gonna try it. You try it.”

    “Hey, let’s get Mikie. He hates everything.”

    They shove the bowl to a younger boy at the other end of the table. He shovels the cereal and milk into his mouth.

    “He likes it. Hey, Mikie.”

    I know that you may remember this commercial. But look at the power of it.  The kid who hates everything eats YUCK. If that doesn’t build curiosity, I don’t know what does. Too make that action work even more, there has to be tag line. Something that incapsulates it and makes it even more intriguing.

    P90X video workout came up with “Muscle Confusion” and sold like mad. Because the concept drew curiosity and captured the imagination of workout enthusiasts. Get that audience I just mentioned there. It’s not fat people who need to exercise. I have friends in both groups. The latter would die on their floor. I’m better off with, “You can’t eat just one.”

    That would have my heavy friends lined up at 7-11. Why? Because it’s about Yummy! Like the kids and the cereal.

    Remember it’s about the need that they want, not the need that is better for them. When you create an attractive and needed desire, you can help someone who didn’t want to improve themselves change for the better.  And profit while you’re at it.

    Brainstorming was never easier once you know your product fully, know your ideal customer personally, and have a unique mechanism that attracts what’s natural to them. Find and hit that cord.

    Develop your USP and pitch it at the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce networking lunch.

    Join the Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  Share your personal story and expertise.

  • 03/16/2020 1:55 PM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    Fear is a gift. Yes, it is a present for you, albeit unwrapped and bowless. Such accessories are unnecessary, however, when the gift is life-saving. Fear saves lives. Rational fear, that is.

    Emotional Intelligence 101: emotions are messengers. There is important “data that resides below consciousness…carried by way of emotions, the messenger that delivers the information about a situation. The emotion wants our attention and points to an issue that needs to be acknowledged and/or addressed.” Living In Total Health

    Fear is the human alarm system. We are made with this internal alert when harm or danger are imminent. Without it, our ancestors would not have survived dinosaurs or natural disasters. When we are at risk, fear flares. It should. It is normal. Such risks include threats of bodily harm and death. The experience of fearing the unknown is also normal. Rational.

    However, being afraid of non-threats to life and limb is irrational. Skin color, gender identification, and economic status are just a few of the unreasonable fears we voluntarily evoke. The phrase ‘making a mountain out of molehill’ comes to mind. We conjure up this powerful emotion needlessly, desensitizing ourselves to its actual purpose.

    The function of fear is to alert us when an imminent attack is near. Fear ushers physiological resources to essential body functions which heighten senses and energize us to act. In the face of fear, we must decide how to respond to the threat.

    Your choices in the face of danger are fight, flee, or freeze. Do you stand your ground in effort to protect yourself, family, property? Is it safer to run away? Or does overwhelm paralyze and stop you in your tracks. Interestingly, the body responds the same way to rational and irrational fear. The consequences, however, are divergent.

    I hope you can see the difference between the two. Rational fear is an innate response designed to protect you from harm, to generate decisions and actions that protect you from being hurt; the outcome is appropriate. On the other hand, irrational fear is a figment of your imagination. There is no imminent threat to body, limb, property, family. This figment is all about a very distant negative possibility, i.e. your past or what if? Irrational fear results in undue harm to self or others, possibly criminal and immoral behavior.

    Politicians profit from irrational fear. Manipulators profit from irrational fear. Scammers profit from irrational fear. Society suffers from irrational fear. Humanity loses.

    Instead of reacting to any fear with a knee-jerk reaction, choices and actions solely designed to remove the fear and not address the underlying problem, stop. Assess the situation with the critical mind you were blessed with. Is it real? Is it a threat in this moment in time? Can I die? Will loved ones be harmed? Then ask yourself what you can control. We always have control of our choices.

    If your assessment of the situation is negative regarding threats to life and limb, breathe and focus on what you can control. Sometimes the available options are not optimal. Still, you have control over what you choose. The basic issue with irrational fear is feeling out of control. Yet you do have control over which available option you choose.

    Imposing your irrational fears on others by choosing to spew hate and stereotypes is inappropriate and wrong. No one is responsible for how you respond to anything. You are. So again, assess the situation. If the fear messages imminent danger, then respond with the fight, flight, or freezing options—allow your intuition to guide you.

    If your fear is irrational, then please breathe and focus on the present moment to recognize that you are not in imminent danger of harm or death. And fear not so much.

    Glen Alex, LCSW, LMT, USPTA
    Author, Health Skills Coach, Speaker, Show Host

  • 01/27/2020 8:33 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    We narrow-minded and egocentric humans believe that only the old and infirm die.

    Wrong we are.

    As sad as the loss of a parent or elderly person is, the truth is that anyone can die at any time. Yes, the old and infirm do mother, father, sister-in-law, cousin, and 2 brothers just in the last 10 years.

    Yet the young also leave sooner than we think they should, sooner than we are ready for them to. I am reminded of this because of the sudden death of Kobe and his daughter Gianna. He was 41, she 13. Both healthy.

    Life is precious. 

    There is no room for ego-based drama. No time for foolishness. No space for abuse or disrespect. Stop squandering the gift of breath with B.S.

    Do take advantage of opportunities to become the best version of yourself, to share your innate gifts, to express authentic love.

    The old and infirm are not the only ones who die. Live your life to the fullest before it's your time.

    Glen Alex
    Author, LCSW, Health Skills Coach

  • 01/14/2020 8:52 AM | Katie Waechter (Administrator)

    Let’s face it, there is a lot of misinformation found online these days. Let’s look at the numbers: NY Magazine reports, “Studies generally suggest that, year after year, less than 60 percent of web traffic is human.” With so much misinformation and bot spam out there, it becomes even more important to establish your brand as a go-to authority source for your patients and clients. This means giving them credible content to consume on a regular basis. Once you establish your authority in your space, your audience will come back again and again to learn more. without the name of a big hospital or health system behind you, how do you build credibility with your target audience? Let’s look at these tips

    How to Establish Your Credibility in the Health Care Space

    Stop using medical jargon to talk to consumers

    Regular people don’t understand what most of those medical terms mean, and they won’t relate to what you’re saying if they can’t understand most of it. This is especially important when it comes to writing content meant to be consumed online. The average person with back pain is going to search for the term, “back pain,” not the term, “Cervical Disc Herniation.” Keep your blogs understandable and relatable. When you do use medical jargon, explain what it means so people understand what you’re saying.  

    Keep it local

    The idea of getting our recent article posted on the Wall Street Journal is exciting, but it may not be that effective for bringing in new business for your health-related company. Amendola Communications reports that “consumers prefer to get healthcare within a 5-mile radius of where they live or work.” For that reason, it’s a good idea to think local when developing marketing materials and spending ad money for your business. Focus on getting your content in front of the people who will be most likely to use your services first, the national credit will follow suit if your brand is good. 

    Write and share credible content 

    Creating content, such as blogs, ebooks, emails, presentations, speeches, etc. will show the world your authority and credibility in your area of expertise - as long as you create credible content. To ensure your content is credible, you want to keep your sources high-authority and be transparent about it (don’t plagiarize). Consider where your sources are coming from during this process: Do you trust the source? Is it biased? Are their ads on the page (if it’s an internet source)? Does the source have research to back up its claims? How good is the research? 

    Patients are more likely to share information, open up about personal problems, and follow the advice of healthcare professionals that they trust. When you spend the time creating and sharing credible information that helps your patients or clients and keeps you top of mind, that’s a win-win in our book. 

    If you are looking to connect with other health-related business in Las Vegas, consider joining the LV Health and Fitness Chamber. For assistance writing high quality content for your audience, reach out to Katie with Watch Media Group to learn more about the different types of written content you can offer your audience. 


  • 12/31/2019 7:25 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    The Avatar

    An Audience of One – Not Everyone

    This past week I was visiting my sister in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I wore my Las Vegas Golden Knights Cap and Golden Nugget sweater into US Pizza Company.  Why?  I was hoping people would ask me, “Are you from Las Vegas?”  As it turned out, no one cared.  Young adults now (millennials) care only about their mundane lives.

    The hospitality of the South is gone.  Or is it?

    25 years earlier, I could walk into a Little Rock establishment and wow people about living in Los Angeles.  I could tell them how I worked for Playboy at that time.  I had eyes bugging out (sometimes tongues).  But I didn’t have that intent.  I wasn’t looking for a reaction.  I was talking to that person about my experiences.  I was telling stories to another human being.

    When you’re not looking for mass appeal and you’re targeting your audience, it increases the response.

    You know when you’ve been caught talking at a friend or family member.  Imagine that happening in your business.  You see people glance away, give you a blank look, or simply excuse themselves and walk away.  You think, “They’re rude.”

    The Mentor

    I’m a distinguished Toastmaster.  I’ve spoken at events.  Yes, you’ve probably heard me speak at Chamber Networking meetings.  We all can make that mistake talking about our products and services.  You can get carried away with your expertise.  But do you talk enough to your audience like a friend or family member?  Do you CARE?

    That’s the role of a Mentor.  You take a protégé (student) by the hand and lead them to a better way.  You want someone to put their trust in you.  But who is that someone.  They’re not anyone.  That’s the biggest mistake in marketing.

    No one knows who you’re talking to when you’re shouting to the crowd.  And they all walk away.

    If you want to help somebody, if you want to get somebody to buy – you have to know who they are to talk to them.

    The Protégé

    I mentor this one Toastmaster, Gary, who has done some great attention getting actions when he speaks.  Gary has run from the back of the room to the stage.  He has thrown sneakers, jumped up on the conference table, dumped a bowl of change.  The other Toastmasters look at me like, “What is he doing?”

    But when he speaks, it’s actually to himself.  Not everybody else has his problem.

    I asked him, “Who are you talking to?”

    The answer he gave was, “Everyone.”

    This is why the others thought he was far out.  His antics were more remembered than the content.  But when he told a story about himself, his struggle and gave his opposing characters a voice – the audience related.  And this was by accident.

    What if you related to your one audience member?  What if you spoke to them on a personal level?  Would they remember you better than your product?  Would they trust you?  That’s what you should be trying to achieve.

    People Relate to People

    A person doesn’t relate to a thing.  Unless, you’re Marlon Brando talking to Wally Cox’s urn.  Even then, he was talking to his deceased best friend.  The product doesn’t have a trust factor.  You do.

    People will buy outlandish products because of wild claims.  But once they’ve been cheated, they’re that much more guarded on buying anything.  Do you ignore them?  Push them to the side?  No, you win them over and treat them right.  That’s where a long and fruitful relationship can begin.

    You need to be the Mentor that will change their life.  You have to develop a relationship with that one particular person that represents your audience.  The conversation needs to be as if it were one on one.  Here’s how it works...

    Your 5 Point Avatar Breakdown

    You have to picture this person (avatar) in your mind.  You need to give him a name so that your subconscious knows you are talking to him and how to talk to him.  This breakdown will give you a better picture of who he is.

    Use this to build your avatar:

    1. What does he want? – success, better health, love, safety, relief > narrow it down if possible
    2. What is his biggest problem or what’s standing in his way?
    3. Does he have a nemesis? – Is there an outside force that is against him?
    4. Do you share the same experience as your avatar and what is it exactly?
    5. Put a face and a history to your avatar – his story.

    What Keeps Him Up At Night

    Understand that desire exactly and you have his undivided attention.  People who want to achieve something want to hear from someone who knows what they’re going through.  How do you convey that?  With a story.  Tell him from your own experience or from someone you know.

    Putting together your avatar from the information above will give you a voice that you’re new friend will understand.  He’ll feel that he’s known you all along.

    Develop your avatar and bring him to a Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce networking lunch.  Tell us you’re story, his story and see how it goes over.

    Your Friend / Your Customer

    Don’t let a rewarding relationship slip away.  Create new ones focusing on all of them as if they were one person.

    Join the Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  Share your personal story and expertise.

  • 12/13/2019 8:22 AM | Glen Alex (Administrator)

    I am compelled to share this. If you are politically biased or have issues with death, then please don’t read any further.

    In this climate of division and open prejudice, I am happy to share a loving experience amongst diverse peoples.

    My sister Vern, the matriarch of my immediate family since my mother’s transition in 2010, raved about the Converse, TX Police Department. You see, Vern flew to Converse on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 to care for our brother Ray because he had been really ill. When she arrived that night, he didn’t answer the door bell nor his home or cell phone.

    Through a series of family calls and Ray’s non-response, I decided a Wellness Check was in order. However, I paused at that decision because of the rash of recently reported police shootings of black people, especially in their own homes. This is a crazy consideration in “the land of the free”. Yet I, a clinical social worker with a profound understanding of human nature, a champion of the Human Spirit, and humanitarian was afraid about the trend in police-black person interaction. This should not be. And anyone who does not experience this pause is privileged.

    Still, I made the call because Ray’s condition and Vern being stranded in an unfamiliar environment at night were far more important than dogma. The intake person was compassionate and patient with me as I fought through tears to explain the situation. She said police would be dispatched immediately and would call me with an update.

    I was struck by the questions the intake person did not ask. She did not ask for my brother’s name or description nor my sister’s name or description. She only asked for the address and the circumstances. So the police were dispatched to check on, not a race or stereotype, rather a person in possible distress.

    An eternity passed. It seemed like hours since I spoke with anyone. Finally, Vern called me. My brother’s neighbors were kind enough to take her in. One allowed Vern to use their phone to call her son and me. Later, another neighbor allowed my sister to charge her phone in their home while the police completed their work. 

    The police gained entry into Ray’s home and found him. Because of policy, they didn’t allow Vern inside. However, the police drove her to the nearest hotel, offered to carry her bags to her room, and were compassionate with me during the follow up call from an officer. More than that, they returned to Ray’s home afterward to secure the door they had to bust to gain entry. 

    Who does that? And why don’t we hear more about the police officers who actually protect and serve? Yes, there are bad seeds in police departments, as there are in all industries. And please believe that I’ve had my negative experiences with police. My stance is that police training needs to involve more than profiling and shooting. Training needs to include the meaning of service and the dismissal of psychologically unfit candidates.

    How about we as a nation forego isms and focus on and honor what binds us? Yes Rodney, we all can get along. Just be human.

    Glen Alex
    Host of The Glen Alex Show
    Author of Living In Total Health
    Health & Wellness Coach

  • 12/03/2019 6:36 PM | Michael Morrow (Administrator)

    Starting With The Product

    It’s more than “What is it?” and “What does it do?”

    My sister went to a house party for a network-marketing product – weight loss coffee.  Julie is a sales professional in an office furniture and supply company.  She has served people since she worked in restaurants at a young age all the way to manager.  The daughter of a master salesman and granddaughter of two business owners, my sister knows her business.

    My sister is also a tad overweight.  She asked the people running the meeting, “Where’s your product?”

    A squirrely woman answered, “It’s not about the product.  It’s about the business.”

    My sister walked out.  Our family has been in the network marketing business since I was a kid.  Julie knew that what makes a networking business successful is an exceptional product and distributors that understood how to convey it.

    My late grandmother sold Amway.  But her key product, leading to any other up-sell, was SWIPE.  It was an all-purpose cleaner that wiped out any stain.  She knew what it was and demonstrated what it could do.  But there was also a vision.  She would lay out the benefits of what they could accomplish with that squirt bottle that made them feel they had to have it.

    One of my cousins stockpiled her garage with Amway products and was always able to liquidate it, until they shipped products directly.  She was a moneymaker because she could create the same vision with each product.  My mother was in Tupperware.  My uncle was in so many companies we called him the family King of Network Marketing.

    Without the products that move the company, network marketing is a scam.

    The Evolution of a Revolution

    It’s not just network marketing companies with a greedy and ignorant up-line.  Traditional mail order and brick and mortar companies have the same problem.  No one trying to move the product is excited about it.  Not even the owner.  He feels that it should sell itself.  If not, he seeks a bale out.

    You need to know your product to convey its value.

    “I know it’s a squirt bottle with a formula cleaner...”

    No!  It’s more than that.  It has to be emerging.  Different than what your competition has.  Something that will change the life of your prospect.  That’s what a revolution does.  It creates change.  That change keeps evolving into a better experience and an improved you.

    How does one measly little product do that?  And how does one product lead to the sale of more products?  That first key product becomes the forerunner of gaining your customer’s trust.  For a product to do all that, you have to gain believers.

    An American Legend in Marketing

    The worse and yet the best example is that Old West scoundrel – the Snake Oil Salesman.

    We’re talking about one of the biggest scammers in American History.  Yet, he knew his product even if it was a fake.  The key to moving his elixir was getting people to believe.  He had every feature, every benefit, every scenario (story) that could have someone imagining what it could do for them.  Yes he even made up testimonials.

    He knew what those people wanted and created something – that wasn’t real but sold.

    There was no up-sell after that as he left town before getting caught.  But could you imagine this.  What could happen if the product really does what your customer wants?  Then it sells itself over and over again.  That’s where the up-sells come in.  If they’re just as effective, they sell over and over again.

    The Snake Oil Salesman’s method is brilliant.  Unfortunately, he’s a scammer because there is no real product.  Do you truly know your product?  You have one key product that can lead to your own success.

    It’s time to map out what your product is...

    Your 7 Point Product Breakdown

    There is more than, “What is it?” and “What does it do?”  You have to line up in your mind how it can change your prospect’s life and make him a believer.  Not just with getting him to buy but using your product to gain his trust with its success.

    Here is your list for convincing yourself in your mind first:

    1. What makes up your product? – it’s origin, ingredients and reason for it coming into being.
    2. What exactly in detail does it do? – knowing the basics that can be expounded on into a bigger dream.
    3. What are the features, key and supporting, that make it work?
    4. What are the benefits for your customer? – Not just results but how they change your customer’s life.
    5. What has it done for you and why do you love it? – Can’t answer the question?  Don’t sell the product.
    6. How has it helped anyone else? – The stories of others will not only inspire you but your prospects.
    7. Do you believe in it? – Those that do are excited and build excitement in others.

    Product Interest Game Plan

    Do you know anyone who sells a product they don’t use?  I’ve known a lot of them.  Most have failed.  Why?

    They don’t care and only want to make a buck.

    They don’t even have the resolve to work like the Snake Oil Salesman.  They hope the product, whatever it is, will sell itself.  It’s not just being lazy.  It’s not believing.  How do you become a believer?  By using the product you own or sell.  You are your own best testimonial.

    Remember the Hair Club For Men President?  He was also a client.  He used the product and loved the change it made for him.  His desire was to help other balding men regain their hair.  Not only regain their hair – but regain their attraction, masculinity, and youth.  Believing in your product is powerful.  That’s what makes your prospect believe.

    Do you believe in your product?  Can you believe in your product?  If the answer is no, stop reading this blog.

    The Prophet of Your Product

    Every major religion, every major business, every major cause organization uses belief.  You have to believe yourself what your product can do for others.  You don’t have to stand on a mountain and yell.  You now have You-Tube.  But you do have to feel strongly about your product.

    The next time you want to test your own belief, talk to a friend or family member.  See how they react?  Be yourself but don’t be afraid to be animated.  Don’t be afraid to express your true feelings.  Don’t think to yourself that loving your product is corny.  Say to yourself, “It’s worth it, it’s worth it, it’s worth it.”

    Need someone else to test on?  Come to a Chamber networking event.  We’re always there to help each other.

    I was with a friend of mine when he approached a sales associate in Office Depot.  He asked him where he could find designed paper for resumes.  The sales associate said, “I have no idea.”  He then walked off.  My friend didn’t let it go.  He reported the guy to the store manager, who apologized.  The sales associate was later fired.

    Don’t get yourself fired or fire yourself.  Learn to love your product.

    Join the Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce.  Share your personal story and expertise.

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