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Woman on fire; Vanessa Chamberlin, author, local Vegan icon and renewing member of the LV Health Chamber


Playing childhood games of hide and go seek, if you needed guidance, “Hotter!”, “Colder!”, and “You’re getting warmer!” were helpful to know if you were going in the right direction to find what you were seeking. As adults, we won’t always hear those familiar words going through life, trying to get closer to what we seek.

As the new director of membership of the Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce, I’ve looked towards other indicators to tell me if we are moving in the right direction over the last 6 months. Looking at our renewing (or non-renewing members) has been as close to, “Hotter! Colder!”, as I can get. The sweet irony of Plant Fire/Life Fire…A.K.A., Vanessa Chamberlin, to those that know and love her, was a white hot flame in the health community that I knew that if she would renew with us, we were definitely ‘getting warmer’ as we kept her flame in the ranks of our passionate members.

I met with Vanessa at her beautiful residence located in Summerlin and listened carefully as she expressed her vision of the health and future of our community and how we, the LVHFCoC, Vanessa and her team, might move in synchronicity closer towards our mutual goals. She renewed her membership that day and I asked her to share her insightful words with us. I’d like to share with you now her words:

“In my own nutrition and life coaching business I discovered early on the value and necessary component of community. Not only were my clients hungry for the knowledge and guidance from me within my programs but they also craved a place that they could share and grow together. If you have ever attempted any sort of positive meaningful change then you can relate to how important a having a support system is.

I use the word “Fire” in all of my branding because that is what someone will feel when they make positive dietary and lifestyle change…higher levels of energy, clarity and over all passion for life…Thus you’re on fire! In order to sustain your fire for life it requires several important things;

1) Fueling your body with whole plant based foods

2) Daily commitment to move your body

3) Time out everyday to reboot your inner self

4) A supportive community who is there to lift you up and help ignite an even brighter flame

vanessaI initially joined the Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber in order to be part of a larger group of like minded individuals as well. As a leader in my community and in the prospective field of wellness, I discovered that I too needed community.

What I initially received from the Chamber was a small but mighty group of uplifting team players and local Las Vegas business owners who all wanted to support and collaborate with one another. I have since made several relationships within the Chamber that I know I will cherish for years to come. I know that every time I support my fellow members I am receiving just as much if not more in return.

As a self employed entrepreneur, it can be pretty lonely at times when your trying to do everything by yourself. With the Chamber your given an instant group of individuals in which to co-create and collaborate in business. I also really appreciate the opportunity’s the chamber often brings in order for me to speak and/or present my business. It is with these opportunities that collectively we can share and grow our brand and message together.

As one of the founding member’s of the Las Vegas Health and Fitness Chamber, it is with pleasure and excitement that I renew my membership!

I am re-invigorated with the new more robust membership opportunities that the chamber has planned for the year ahead. While I feel its very important for the Chamber to have a clear set of benefits and offerings, I also love being part of a community that a has its ears and heart open to new suggestions that will only create more success for all of us.

Together we can quickly bring about more positive meaningful change to our beautiful city and residents of Las Vegas.

vanesa 2Ignite Your Fire- Love Your Life!

Beautiful Healthy Hugs,

Vanessa Chamberlin

Vanessa recently penned The Fire Driven Life, How to Ignite the Fire of Self-Worth, Health, Healing and Happiness with a Plant-Based Diet, is available at now. This esteemed and well-reviewed book is considered a must-have in every healthy household. We thank Vanessa for her continuing membership in the LVFHCoC and look forward to a soon-to-come “Meet the Authors” speaker series that will feature Vanessa Chamberlin.

Thank you to Emotions of Light for the photo from Health, Healing, Happiness 2015.